A man was arrested on suspicion of stealing more than 700 women’s underwear from a laundromat


Women's Underwear Thief Beppu Japan

Beppu police say they found an astonishing 730 women’s underwear at 56-year-old Tetsuo Urata’s house. Beppu City Police Station

  • Japanese police have accused a 56-year-old man of stealing 730 women’s underwear.

  • Police searched Tetsuo Urata’s house after a 21-year-old college student accused him of stealing his underwear in a laundromat.

  • “I haven’t confiscated so many panties over the years,” local police told the media.

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Police officers in Beppu City, southern Japan, have accused a man of stealing 730 women’s underwear from a laundromat.

Authorities were first warned by an unnamed 21-year-old college student who accused 56-year-old Tetsuo Urata of stealing six pairs of underwear from her in a laundromat on August 24, according to local newscasters. I did. AbemaTV..

That week, the city police appeared at the front door of Urata, 730 pieces of underwear It was hidden in his apartment. Urata was arrested and admitted to the authorities that he had stolen his underwear. Yahoo Japan News..

A spokesman for the Beppu City Police told Abema Television that “we haven’t confiscated so many panties for years.”

Beppu City Police are currently investigating the case further. MSN Japan..

In recent years, a famous case of a man stealing women’s underwear has emerged from Japan.In March of this year, Takahiro Kubo, a 30-year-old electrician, Authorities in southwestern Saga have been accused of stealing 424 pieces of underwear and swimwear from a teenage girl... I was caught when I photographed a resident of Saga trying to steal a dry swimsuit on a clothesline.

In 2019, police arrested Toru Adachi (40 years old at the time) on suspicion of stealing 10 women’s underwear from a laundromat in Oita prefecture. Local news site Japan Today report.police I carried over 1,100 women’s underwear in futons online at Adachi’s house. When they searched for his place.

Continuous theft of underwear has also occurred in the United States. In July Associated Press Alabama police reported finding more than 400 panties at John Thomas Uda’s home, 27. Uda was also accused of stealing underwear from a laundromat in 2019. The Daily Beast..

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