A man who hammered three Asian men for mental illness is “not responsible” for angering the widow of the victim

The widow of a Chinese man who was killed in a violent hate crime hammer attack in 2019 was angry with the court’s decision to send the suspect to a mental hospital instead of going to trial this week.

Jennifer Pun, the widow of Tsz Mat Pun, 50, one of the victims of the hammer attack, criticized the American judicial system for transferring Arthur Martunovich, 37, to a mental hospital on Thursday. New York Daily News..

“”I thought the American system would do the job and bring the prisoners to trial, “Pan said through an interpreter. “He was capable. He was calm when he decided to take the lives of three people.”

Designated by Judge Danny Chun of the Brooklyn Supreme Court as having a “dangerous mental illness,” Martinovich is the owner, Keon Ntan, 61, manager Tsuz Matt Pung, and his nephew and chef. It turns out that he is “not responsible” for the killing of Hufai Pung. , 34, January 15, 2019, At the seaport buffet In Brooklyn. With Tsz Mat Pun Hufai punThe only victims declared dead on the scene are reportedly migrating from the same village in Fujian, China.

Victims’ families and community members expressed anger in August 2021 after the court decided not to prosecute Martinovich because he was suffering from mental health. NextShark Previously reported.

Jennifer Pan and Hufi Pan’s widow, Amy, were allegedly present during the trial on Thursday and were seen yelling at the prosecutor after the decision.

“”I don’t think the accused had such a serious mental illness, “Jennifer Pan said. “He was very calm and could distinguish you. [sic] Asian or Hispanic. “

“”“Dangerous mental illness” is a judgment that is the “most serious category” available when a suspect is prosecuted. FindLaw Those who are considered to have “dangerous mental illness” explained that they “cause physical danger to themselves or others.” The New York State Madness Defense Defendants should be placed in a safe facility under the supervision of the Department of Mental Health and have been determined not to be released or transferred without court approval.

Brooklyn District Attorney spokesman Oren Janiv said Martunovich would be transferred to a locked, maximum-security mental hospital. He also added that the suspect would not be released from imprisonment for years, and if he did, this would allow their office to “challenge the decision in front of the judge.” will do.

“”I am confident that he will never be in a position to commit violence in our community, and I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the victims’ friends and loved ones and pray that they will find peace. ” Janif said.

Martinovich, evaluated by a physician at the Mid-Hudson Forensic and Psychiatric Center, will remain in the facility and will be reassessed six months later.

Martinovich’s defense counsel, Edward Manderry, said the evidence of his mental illness was so strong that he was likely “in captivity for the same period as if he was sent to state prison.” rice field.

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