A man who smoked legal weeds in Nevada has been in prison for years in Dubai, lawyers say.

A Las Vegas man travels to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and goes to jail after marijuana is detected in his urine, lawyers said.

Peter clerkThe 51-year-old traveled to Dubai for a business trip on February 24, but was hospitalized for pancreatitis, Clark’s lawyer Lada Sterling wrote on her website that she was detained in Dubai. According to Sterling, the hospital underwent a urine test, found traces of marijuana and reported it to police. Police charged Peter and took him to the Albasha police station on March 3.

Recreational marijuana Legal in Nevada, But drug consumption or possession Illegal in United Arab EmiratesAccording to the US State Department, even if a doctor’s medical card is presented.

Even if the substance is taken out of the country, people can be prosecuted and convicted in the UAE “as long as there are traces in the bloodstream when they arrive in the UAE.”

According to Sterling, Clark was taken to an anti-drug unit and detained before being released to his hotel on March 6.

“The UAE’s arbitrary law enforcement and lack of predictable legal consequences mean that Peter could face years of prison for legally smoking marijuana, even innocent. Even if it turns out, he can be dragged into slow and costly legal proceedings, “Sterling said.

Clark My video Talk about his situation after he was released from prison.

“Since I came here, I’ve lost a ton, no showers, no food, no drinks, no sleep,” Clark said.

Clark Cooperation with the US Embassy, According to KLAS, officials said.

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