A man who stabbed at least 10 knives on a train in Tokyo fired

Tokyo — Police said a man wielding a knife on a commuter train in Tokyo on Sunday stabbed several passengers before the fire broke out.

NHK’s public television said at least 10 passengers, including seriously injured, were injured.

According to NHK, the attacker was only identified as a man in his twenties, was arrested on the spot, and was investigated on suspicion of attempted murder. His motive was not immediately apparent.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the attack took place on the Keio Electric Railway near Kokuryo Station.

Television footage showed many firefighters, police officers, and rescue workers rescuing passengers. Many escaped from the train window. In one video, passengers were driving from another car with flames.

According to NHK, the suspect stabbed a passenger, then poured an oil-like liquid and fired.

Shunsuke Kimura, who shot the video, said he saw passengers running desperately on NHK and saw an explosive sound and smoke drifting as he tried to understand what was happening. Told.

The attack was the second in two months, including a train knife in Tokyo.

In August, the day before the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, a 36-year-old man stabbed 10 passengers on a commuter train in Tokyo with random violence. The suspect later told police he wanted to attack a woman who looked happy.

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