A man whose wife sued a hospital for COVID care died after being transferred to Texas

According to media reports, a man who was at the center of a court battle over treatment in his hospital died of COVID-19 after his wife moved him from Minnesota to Texas.

55-year-old Scott Quiner from Buffalo, Minnesota Diagnosed with COVID-19 in October Star Tribune reported that he had been on ventilator for two months at Mercy Hospital.He had not been vaccinated, the outlet reported, and Frequently shared with false information on social media related to the COVID-19 vaccine, According to McClutch News.

His wife, Ann Quiner, sued the hospital earlier this month when doctors tried to remove him from the ventilator on January 13, according to court documents obtained by McClutch.

The judge issued a detention order to keep Scott Quiner on a ventilator, and his wife moved him to Texas’ unnamed hospital, McClutch News last week. He reportedly died in Texas on Saturday, January 22nd.

“On behalf of the family, I would like to thank the community for their love and support and demand the privacy of Annie and her children who are saddened by the loss of their wonderful husband and father Scott.” Marjorie Holsten, a lawyer for the Quiner family, told KMSP.

Holsten claimed that Scott Quiner had not been properly treated at the Coon Rapids hospital just north of Minneapolis. He was described as “malnutrition” Lost £ 30 while he was on a ventilator, Star Tribune reported.

Court documents obtained by McClutch show that Anne Quiner asked her husband to try other treatments and medications. However, lawyers at Minnesota Hospital claimed that these treatments were “not supported by medicine or Minnesota law.”

Arina Health, who runs Mercy Hospital, expressed her condolences to Quiner’s family in a statement to KARE.

“His passage represents yet another very sad moment as we continue to collectively face the devastating effects of the pandemic.” Alina Health said in a statement.

Star Tribune explained that Scott Quiner had three children and his 35-year-old wife described him as a family man.

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