A man with a police ID killed on suspicion of a shooting battle with a police officer in Kansas City, Kansas

Police have identified a 25-year-old carjacker. He was fatally injured when he was allegedly engaged in a shootout Sunday morning with an officer in Kansas City, Kansas.

Dario Dominguez of Kansas City, Kansas subsequently died in a hospital He was struck in a shootout exchange According to, around 11:47 am on 18th Avenue and Parallel Parkway Kansas City Police Station, Kansas..

Almost 20 minutes ago, Kansas City, Missouri officers attempted to pull a Ford Expedition identified in an armed carjacking outbreak in Kansas City, Kansas on Thursday. They tried to stop it, but Dominges didn’t give in, so police began pursuing, police said.

The chase entered Kansas City, Kansas, and ended when the suspect’s SUV crashed behind a convenience store. According to police, footage taken with the policeman’s body and dash camera showed Dominguez running west towards 18th Avenue with a pistol.

Nancy Chartland, a police spokeswoman in Kansas City, Kansas, turned around Dominguez and shot a police officer. He was seriously injured and later died.

Police officers involved in unspecified shootings, like the Protocol, were put on paid leave until the results of the investigation were available. No one was injured in the shootout.

It was unknown how many of the five officers in attendance fired their weapons. Chartland said it was “undecided” whether the footage of the shoot would be released on Sunday night.

This is the 13th killing in Kansas City, Kansas. Data maintained by stars, This includes deadly police shootings.By now last year, The city recorded 24 murders.

Police asked anyone who witnessed the shooting, or who had footage of the shooting, to call the police in Kansas City, Kansas. 913-596-3000 Or anonymous Tip hotline At 816-474-8477.

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