A Mexican reporter was murdered and she told the president who was afraid of her life

Mexico City — A Mexican reporter who told the president three years ago that he was shot dead on Sunday for fear of his own life. A second journalist was killed in the same area in a week, emphasizing his position as one of the most deadly figures for foreign journalists. War zone.

In a statement, the Attorney General’s office in San Diego, California, said Lourdes Maldonado, a local journalist with decades of experience, was in a car in the bustling border city of Tijuana, just south of San Diego, California. Said he was shot dead in California. ..

Asked at his regular morning press conference about the latest journalist murder, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador promised a complete investigation.

“It’s very disappointing what happened,” Lopez Obrador said, adding that investigators still had to determine motivation and evaluate possible links to labor disputes involving Maldonado.

Mexican journalist shot dead outside his home in the northern border city of Tijuana
National Guard members are watching a crime scene on January 23, 2022, when Mexican journalist Lourdes Maldonado was shot dead outside his home in Tijuana, the northern border city of Mexico. (Jorge Duence / Reuters)

Manuel Donad appeared at the 2019 Lopez Obrador morning press conference and sought help as she was afraid of her life.

According to sources familiar with the incident, Maldonad was enrolled in a state protection program for journalists, which included police surveillance of her home.

From 2000 to 2021, Article 19 of the Human Rights Group registered the killings of 145 journalists in Mexico, killing seven last year.

Margarito’s murder took place less than a week after officials reported that Mexican photojournalist Margarito Martinez, 49, had been shot dead outside his home in Tijuana. Maldonado was the third journalist to be killed in Mexico this year.

Lisbeth Diaz