A Miami man killed an armed teen in self-defense.Why he is still facing a criminal case

When Christopher Lewis pulled up to a drive-through ATM at West Kendal Bank earlier this year, police say he faced a robbery with three guns. Lewis himself was armed. A shootout broke out.

After a while, one of the armed robbers, 16 years old Nimikae Clark, Fatally injured on the ground. Lewis was injured in his arm and hand, went out and continued to fire, and ran away with a Nimikae gun.

Miami-Dade prosecutors ruled that 24-year-old Lewis acted for self-defense, legally justified by shooting Nimikae in the first shooting on February 13. However, Lewis is not exempt from criminal liability.

With a strange twist, police say Lewis returned to the scene a few minutes later — and 10 more times to Nimikae from his truck while he was dying to the ground with a teenage pistol. I fired. Lewis surrendered Thursday and faced a deteriorating battery charge with a gun against Nimikae.

Lewis has not been charged with murder. According to the Miami-Dade County Prosecutor’s Office, the reason is that the inspector general ruled that two deadly bullets from the first shot killed Nimikae.

“As a result, Christopher Lewis was exacerbated by two felony guns, not murder or manslaughter, as he was legally justified to return the fire in the first case under Florida’s Self-Defense Act. I have been charged with a felony battery, “said spokesman Ed Griffith.

Luis’s defense counsel, Douglas Radman, did not give details of the shooting. But he criticized the arrest.

“The whole case constitutes an effective use of self-defense,” said Radman of Boca Raton. “We firmly believe he is innocent. He is a good boy who noticed that he was at the wrong end of the gun. He was shot and survived, and they turned around and charged the victim. Absent.”

Nimikae cohorts Stanley Clark (18) and D’Angelo Davis (17) have also been charged.

Clark was charged with armed robbery, attempted murder, and felony murder. He is allegedly involved in the crime that led to the death of his friend. Under Florida law, anyone who participates in a violent crime, in this case an armed robbery, can be prosecuted for felony murder if it results in death.

Davis will remain a fugitive and will face the same sins.

The criminal case details what was a mysterious shooting.

Nimikae has been in and out of the juvenile justice system for many years. He was arrested at the age of 12. Robbery case As a result, police cars were tracked and schools in southwestern Miami-Dade were closed. He had just been released from jail a few days before the February shooting.

An Instagram video posted on February 4 by the community group Circle of Brotherhood showed after Nimikae and his mother, Nikiamos, were released from juvenile detention. In the video, he said he wanted to get a job to take care of his mother.

The shooting took place outside BB & T Bank, 8701 SW 137th Ave., around 8:30 pm. Lewis had a valid hidden weapon permit and had no criminal history, but was withdrawing cash on a white pickup truck.

According to the arrest warrant, gun-wielding Nimikae and Davis approached the truck, and Stanley Clarke remained hidden behind a small wall separating the bank and the street. Under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Self-Defense Act, you don’t have to wait for someone to fire to protect you from deadly threats, but it’s unclear who fired first.

Davis and Clark also fired from behind the wall. Both fled the scene when their friend suffered a chest injury and fell to the ground. The injured Lewis got off the truck, picked up Nimikae’s gun, returned to the truck and got off the car.

The exact reason why Lewis returned to the bank four minutes later is unknown. According to the warrant, he pulled into the ATM lane and monitored for another minute. The warrant said Nimikae’s hand was “visible and had no weapons.” “”[Nimkae] Was alive. “

Lewis then fired at Nimikae 10 more times. “But none of those shots were fatal,” said Griffith, a state lawyer spokesman.

According to police, Lewis was calling someone when he fired and claimed to have been “shot” by an attacker. However, Miami-Dade murder investigator Zveil Khan said in an arrest warrant that a shooting of an incompetent teen was caught in a bank surveillance video.

The video has not yet been released to the public.

Lewis called 911 and waited for police and rescue personnel to arrive. Nimikae was declared dead on the scene. Lewis explained to the murder investigator what had happened and was later released to wait for the results of the investigation.

Nimikae Clark died Saturday night after shooting at an ATM in Kendall

Nimikae Clark died Saturday night after shooting at an ATM in Kendall