A miserable video shows a horrified woman trapped in a candle factory in Kentucky devastated by a tornado that killed dozens of people.



The governor said it was “the most serious tornado event in Kentucky history.”Getty Images

  • Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said more than 50 people could die after the tornado struck the factory.

  • A worker posted on Facebook a miserable video of her asking for help while stuck in a factory.

  • Bescher said the total number of deaths could reach 100.

A tornado-stricken candle factory worker in Kentucky posted a disastrous video on Facebook while trapped inside a building.

In a 10-minute video shot in near-total darkness, Kyanna Lou asks for help, and after a tornado hits a Mayfield Consumer Products factory and the roof collapses, she and another colleague “ “Stuck”.

“I’m really scared, I’m trying to be cool, but I’m really scared,” Lou says in the video.

“I don’t know who is watching. I was hit by a hurricane. I work at Mayfield and I’m trapped.”

“Thank you. Please help. We are at Mayfield’s candle factory. Thank you,” she said.

I can hear some people crying in the background.

“They told us not to move because things would fall more when we moved,” Lou said in a video, adding that her legs were paralyzed because she couldn’t move.

Mark the video pan around 7:17 to show another worker who appears to be buried in debris.

In another video posted two hours later, you can see Lou in tears telling the camera that she was rescued.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said he was afraid of more than 50 workers at Mayfield Consumer Products’ candle factory.

“I’m worried that more than 50 people have died,” he said at a press conference late Friday. “Confirmations from each individual are coming. It will approach 70 and 100. It is devastating.

Map of where the candle factory in Kentucky is located

The candle factory at Mayfield Consumer Products was hit by a tornado on Friday night.Google

He confirmed that more than 100 people were in the building when the tornado struck.

Bescher said multiple tornadoes have occurred in Kentucky, causing damage to more than 100 Kentucky counties.

He said it was “the most serious tornado event in Kentucky history.”

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