A missing dog reunited with its owner for two years after being found in the TV news segment

A Wisconsin man reunited with a missing dog almost two years after finding a dog in the TV news segment about available pets. UPI..

The owner, who identified himself to the news station as Dwight, called about the dog after recognizing his long-lost pet named Payday, who was missing for two years at the time. Dwight said he usually wouldn’t sleep with the TV on. But this particular night he must have forgotten to turn it off or was lucky enough to keep it going. The next morning, he talks about the adoption segment and the “adorable underbite.” Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS).

According to UPI, Dwight’s family was still devastated by the loss of their beloved payday.

The Wisconsin Humane Society writes about an exciting reunion in a post above Facebook “Payday was originally brought home as a companion to Dwight’s now 12-year-old daughter, who was distraught by the incredible loss of her best friend. Dwight’s mom, Melissa, came to pick up her beloved puppy. You can see — it was the most incredible reunion! It’s beyond our ecstasy that this wonderful family is finally complete again. “

According to WHS, after Dwight connected with the Wisconsin Humane Society, the family was able to reunite with Payday, who was not far from his home on the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee campus.

Dwight’s mother, Melissa, went to get Payday, which turned out to be a fun reunion for both her family and her dog. The heartwarming moments were shot with a camera by WHS staff and then shared as posts on the organization’s Facebook page, receiving congratulatory comments and shares from dozens of people across social media.

In the video, a happy payday jumps into a woman’s arm, both full of excitement.

According to WHS, Dwight told the Wisconsin Humane Society that “(he) just glanced at the photo to recognize the payday immediately.”