A missing Florida woman was calling her husband as the building collapsed

Among the missing women Champlan Towers South CollapseWas calling her husband shortly after the outdoor pool collapsed, and then the line was cut off.

Image: Cassondra Stratton (via Instagram)

Image: Cassondra Stratton (via Instagram)

The rescue team did not immediately find Cassondra “Cassie” Billedeau-Stratton, 40, who was staying on the fourth floor of a fateful condo in Surfside, Florida. She desperately called her husband and explained the huge sinkhole under the unit on the fourth floor. It used to be the pool of the building.

“It was 1:30 am. I will never forget it,” said her husband Mike Stratton. Told Miami Herald..

Stratton is a prominent Democrat Political consultants and couples are based in Colorado But they spent a lot of isolated pandemics in surfside condos. Reported by Times Pikayun and New Orleans supporters..

Stratton last met his wife from Kenner, Louisiana last Monday when he left South Florida for a business trip to Washington, DC.

“She was the most fun and cheerful person you could imagine,” Stratton told Herald. “She was full of energy and we were always doing something. There are many interesting places in Miami and we have adopted them all.”

Missing Louisiana native friends and relatives said they still had hope, despite the days gone by.

“She is still missing in the rubble of a collapsed building in Florida. Send her all the love, positive energy, warrior energy, survival and fighting energy you can collect,” a friend said. Lachonda Gregory wrote on her Facebook page on Friday night.

“I still have the hope that she is alive there.”

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