A missing man in Karlstat was found 12 days later, ending a police and family search.

According to city police, a 28-year-old Karlstat man was found at a university hospital in Newark 12 days after he went missing.

James Dugan told his family that he would meet a woman in Newark on January 27th and would never come back. Police said it had been more than a week since his disappearance.

Katherine Adams, a spokesman for the agency, said Newark and Karlstat officials checked regional hospitals, including university hospitals, but didn’t help after Dugan was reported missing on February 1. Stated.

But on Tuesday, Newark police were informed that he had been a patient at a university hospital since January 28, the day after Dugan disappeared.

When authorities searched for Dugan, his sister sought the help of the general public in multiple Facebook posts under the name Sara Elizabeth, saying he was last seen at the Riviera Hotel in Newark.

She confirmed that he was found in a direct message on Tuesday, but did not immediately share any further details.

Carl Stat's James Dugan

Carl Stat’s James Dugan

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