A mission accomplished for veteran James Top, who walked for freedom from Vancouver to Ottawa


Ottawa-Veteran James Top performed his mission on Thursday as he climbed the stairs of the Ottawa War Memorial and kneeled in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The supporters were waiting for him at the memorial, but another big group was walking behind him. When he arrived in Ottawa on June 30, most of them joined him on the last journey of his journey.

At Topp’s final destination, people began to cheer and scream, but the organizers told the crowd to suppress excitement and silence while the veterans slowly headed to the tomb.

At every step, organizers, veterans, and small security details tried to get the crowd to make space for Topp when people tried to approach him.

After the top stood up, he shouted, “Hero!” And finally, thanks so much! “I heard it.

After that, Topp picked up Mike and introduced the team that supported him along the way.

A veteran and his team of 12 have completed a 4,300 km walk from Vancouver to Ottawa. It was launched in February by Topp to protest the COVID-19 vaccine obligations.

As a civilian and military reserve for the RCMP, Topp was affected by two missions.

The top told the crowd that the march took place in protest. “But this is no longer about it.”

“This is about the completion of this march and what we have achieved,” he said.

“Everyone helped me come here. Not just me marching, but all of you. From Vancouver to Ottawa, everyone I met here. I have a responsibility to take you to Vancouver. Without encouragement and support in every way, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it. “

Crowd swell

The final day of trekking began at the Bells Corner, west of Ottawa. At Rendezvous Point, there were more people than the day before, when about 20-40 people were walking with Topp a day.

On Thursday morning, there were about 150 supporters placed side by side under the veteran to facilitate orderly movement.

Ottawa police witnessed a small group from start to finish and did not block the intersection of participants who were far away due to traffic lights.

Epoch Times Photo
Veteran James Top will meet with supporters at Hogsback Park in Ottawa on June 30, 2022. (Noé Charter / The Epoch Times)

By the time Topp arrived at Hog’s Back Park, the number of supporters had increased significantly to about 1,000.

There, Topp shook hands, hugged, and took a break of about an hour to take pictures with the people he wanted to meet in gratitude.

After the break, the group walked Colonel By Drive along the closed Rideau Canal, and the number continued to grow.

Epoch Times Photo
Veteran James Top will walk with his supporters on June 30, 2022, on the final day of the 4,300 km trek from Vancouver to Ottawa. (Noé Charter / The Epoch Times)

Top and his supporters arrived downtown and passed the crossroads of Rido and Sussex, where veterans were devastated when police began cleaning up the Freedom Convoy on February 18.

The group then walked through Wellington, turned left at Elgin and entered the grounds of the National War Memorial.

A group of protesters against Topp could hear screaming obscene words, but their presence did not upset the event.

After finishing the speech, the top met again with the supporters who came to express their gratitude.

The top told The Epoch Times on Wednesday that he was only focused on completing his work and wasn’t thinking about what would happen next.

First of all, he takes a short break.

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret