A Missouri police officer said the man was selling a catalytic converter but forgot to hide the stimulant.

It wasn’t the sale of the catalytic converter that the Missouri man had trouble with the authorities, but the one that was included in the man’s list photo.

NS “Big bag of stimulants” As shared by the Stone County Sheriff’s Office, I found a photo of a coffee table in the background with a syringe and a spoon.

In a Facebook post, Sheriff Doug Rader said one of the “more sophisticated citizens” of his county warned him about posting to the Facebook Marketplace. Then he asked the detective to investigate.

On Wednesday, authorities appeared at the man’s house with a warrant to search his house.

“I can imagine his surprise !!” Radar wrote. “He still had 48 grams of stimulant and a pistol he was forbidden to own!”

The man was arrested, Raider said, and his catalytic converter is no longer for sale.

“If you’re selling your product on social media, make sure the drug isn’t in the background,” Rader said.

A Leeds Spring man who posted a photo was charged with drug trafficking and was charged. Illegal possession of firearms, According to KY3. He is a convicted serious offender and has “convictions to resist arrests, three domestic violences, possession of controlled drugs, and especially endangering the welfare of children.”

Stone County is in southwestern Missouri, near Branson

A stockpile of “hundreds” of stolen catalytic converters found in Texas, police say

A police officer who stopped the theft of a catalytic converter killed a man armed with a gun, according to Texas police.

After the invasion, the man was found sleeping on a pile of chicken fingers, candies and stimulants, AL police say