A “moderate” geomagnetic storm heading to Earth.Aurora may be visible throughout the northern United States tonight

A “moderate” geomagnetic storm is predicted on Earth on Monday, causing some fluctuations in the high-latitude power grid and potentially affecting some satellites. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said.

Auroras, also known as aurora, may also be found in some parts of the northern state from New England to Washington on Monday night, according to the report. SpaceWeather.com..

The storm is rated “G2”. This is the second level of NOAA’s 5th level storm scale. (G1 storms are minor, but G5 is considered extreme.)

The storm is due to the favor of solar flares. SpaceWeather.com said on Saturday that solar flares from sunspots were throwing coronal mass ejections at Earth, causing a geomagnetic storm on Monday.

According to NOAA, voltage alarms can occur in high latitude power systems, and transformers can be damaged if the storm lasts long enough.

Fact check:No, large solar storms are not immediately approaching Earth

Aurora in Alaska.

Aurora in Alaska.

For satellites, air traffic control may require redirection.

Colorful aurora is formed when particles flowing from the sun are caught in the earth’s magnetic field. The particles interact with atmospheric gas molecules to produce the famous glowing red and green colors of the aurora.

It happened before: Approximately 2,700 years ago, an unusually powerful solar storm struck the earth.

Lights can be seen in both far north and south parts of the world.Aurora Aurora aurora..

According to NOAA, the effects of geomagnetic storms are expected to diminish by Tuesday and Wednesday.

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Auroras may be visible in the northern United States as solar storms head toward Earth