A monk released from a flooded cave in Thailand four days later

Thai rescue workers released the flooded cave four days after the Buddhist monk entered for meditation.

Rescue teams say a pilgrimage monk entered a cave in Phitsanulok Province, Thailand on Saturday.

However, an unseasonable storm struck the area on Sunday, raising water levels and flooding the caves.

On Wednesday, a team of 17 divers from a local rescue team helped bring the monk out safely.

The monk Phra Ajaan Manas, 46, makes a pilgrimage to the Phra Sai Ngam Cave every year “to ponder”. A local rescue team said in a Facebook post (Thai).

But when he didn’t come back after the heavy rain, local residents warned authorities.

Rescue teams went looking for him on Tuesday, but the search had to be stopped due to rising water levels.

The unit said it had no contact with the monk because there was no telephone signal in the cave and only divers could access the area. They were worried that he might be “tired or unconscious because he had no food at all.”

After the rain stopped, a team of 17 divers managed to arrive at the monk on Wednesday morning.

“At 11:30 am we successfully rescued Pramanas from the cave,” the rescue team announced on their Facebook page.

A video posted by the rescue team shows a monk wearing a diving mask swimming 12 meters of water.

He was safely taken out of the cave and treated by ambulance. This is a video of a social media program.

This case is similar to the trials of the 2018 wild boar soccer team. Twelve boys and their football coach stuck in a flooded cave In the northern town of Chiang Rai.

An international team of Royal Thai Navy SEALs and cave divers managed to rescue the boys and their coaches from the cave.

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