A Montana woman who killed her ex-husband was charged after saying she tried to rape her

A Montana woman who shot and killed her ex-husband after her ex-husband said she tried to rape her last year has not been charged with murder.

The indictment against 38-year-old Rachel Beresen was withdrawn with prejudice. The news that the indictment was withdrawn The Daily Beast..

Bellesen admitted that he shot and killed his ex-husband Jacob Glass on October 8, 2020, but said she shot the glass that night as he tried to rape her. According to defense lawyer Lance Jasper, she said she met that day because her ex-husband threatened to harm one of her children.

Bellesen and her current husband, Corey Bellesen, called police shortly after the incident to report what had happened and she was taken to a local hospital. A day later, a county lawyer filed a complaint against her.

Grass was convicted of attacking Belzen in Washington State in 2004. Associated Press.. He was also reportedly charged with two assaults involving two women six months before his death.

Prior to the murder, Belsen worked as a shelter coordinator for Abbey Shelter, a non-profit organization of domestic violence in Kalispell, Montana.

“Montana tried to silence my voice again, as Jake worked hard for over 20 years,” Belzen said in a statement to The Daily Beast. “First they called me a murderer. Declared and claimed that I had executed a cold-blooded and innocent man. They took my life, took the life of my loved one, tore everything with horrific claims, and then what to them. When he realized that there was no incident, he just tried to leave. “

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Montana woman Bersen murders her ex-husband charged with rape