A Nevada woman has disappeared from Wal-Mart.Her brother says the video shows that the masked guy forces himself into his car

A Nevada female brother, who disappeared from Wal-Mart’s parking lot on Saturday, said a chilling surveillance video showed a man breaking into a car before driving.

Fernley’s 18-year-old Naomi Ilion was last seen in the store’s parking lot around 5 am. Wednesday statement From the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

According to police, Ilion’s 4-door sedan was later discovered in Fernley’s industrial area, and a suspect who appears to be driving a dark, new model Chevrolet High Country pickup may know her whereabouts. ..

Ilion’s older brother, Casey Valley, 32, saw a surveillance footage from Wal-Mart on Thursday after a man in a mask and hoodie walked into the parking lot from a dirt-filled area and circled his sister’s car. He said it indicates a forced intrusion.

“He probably went around the parking lot to make sure there were no witnesses,” Valley said. “He came behind the car and broke into the driver’s side of her car. Maybe her door was unlocked. Did he say something to move her to her passenger seat? After doing something, she drove her car in an unknown direction. “

A representative of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office was unable to contact Thursday to support the Valley’s account.Valley also told NBC affiliates Reno’s KRNV About the video.

“The forensic evidence found so far continues to make Lyon County investigators believe that Naomi’s disappearance is inherently suspicious,” a statement from the sheriff’s office said. “The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information on the disappearance and whereabouts of Naomi Ilion, the Chevrolet pickup vehicle, and / or potential contact with Naomi.”

According to police, Ilion’s car was searched and analyzed in court.

“Evidence has been recovered and is being swiftly processed for testing through the Washoe County Forensic Research Section,” police said.

At a press conference on Thursday, Sheriff Frank Funewill of Lyon County begged the public to provide tips to help find Ilion.

“We are now pleaing the general public to help find the car of the person we are interested in,” Fnewill said of a man previously mentioned by police as a suspect.

Investigators don’t have the license plates for the pickups they’re looking for, Hunewill said.

He added that investigators were trying to talk to witnesses and said the man the police were looking for was seen arriving at Wal-Mart from an area of ​​homeless people.

“I don’t know if this guy is homeless because I don’t know who he is yet,” Hunewill said. “I don’t know where his truck is.”

Police said the community search planned for Friday and Saturday was not organized by the sheriff’s office, but some police officers from the agency’s search and rescue team would participate and process the evidence found.

Hunewill attended a media briefing on Thursday by Irion’s relatives, including Valley and his brother Tamara Cartwright.

Cartwright, who became emotional from time to time, said Ilion is active on social media and the general public should scrutinize Instagram and Snapchat for her or Pickup.

“She loves people so much, that’s why she trusts so much,” Cartwright said. “I’m worried that someone has betrayed her trust.”

Ilion was working at Panasonic, parked at Wal-Mart, and then took a bus to work, KRNV reported.

Mr. Valley, who lives with his brother, told interested people, “I just want to get Naomi back.” “I just want Naomi and I can’t stop until I find Naomi.”