A new conservative group will save the “Anglo-Saxon” tradition

Washington (AP) โ€” Friday’s House of Representatives Republican Hardlight defends “Anglo-Saxon’s political tradition” and warns that mass immigrants are endangering U.S. “unique identity” in America First Caucus We were discussing the formation. ..

The Associated Press has obtained a copy of this paper. This was first reported by Punch Bowl News, the media outlet for Capitol Hill. The AP was unable to independently determine the origin or current status of the organization, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz., He said he was involved, showing that Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was behind it.

The document was circulated as follows Republicans struggle to set a clear direction We are preparing to regain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the 2022 elections. Part of the party’s division lies in how closely it works behind Donald Trump, and the seven-page policy platform of the Caucus clearly incorporates the former president’s worldview.

“America First Caucus (AFC) exists to drive Congressional policy in the long-term interests of the American people,” it begins. The group states that it aims to “follow in the footsteps of President Trump and potentially step on several toes to sacrifice sacred cows for the benefit of the American people.”

The group wants to limit illegal immigrants who “not only contribute financially but also respect the culture and rule of law of the country.” “We have expressed our support for infrastructure that reflects the architectural, engineering and aesthetic values โ€‹โ€‹of our offspring. European architecture.”

In an impressive criticism, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, leader of the House of Representatives, tweeted that his aides were targeting the group.

“America is based on the idea that we are all created equally and that success comes from honest and diligent efforts.” McCarthy said, “The Republican Party is Lincoln’s party, not the immigrant dog whistle. , A party of more opportunities for all Americans. “

Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, the third leader of the Republican House of Representatives, tweeted: Racism, immigration exclusion, and anti-Semitism are evil. History teaches that we all have an obligation to confront and reject such malicious hatred. “

Cheney voted to impeach Trump in January and was attacked by some of the party’s far-right lawmakers and the former president.

According to Punchbowl, the group has a relationship with Green and Republican Rep. Paul Gosar. Over Republican opposition, the House of Representatives voted to remove Green from the Commission’s mission earlier this year to recycle violent and conspiracy ideas on social media.

Green spokesman Nick Dier was asked to provide a copy of the caucuse document, saying in an email: This was a typical DC gossip leak. “

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert told reporters that he was considering attending a caucuse, and answered “yes” when asked if Green and Gossar were involved in the caucuses.

Gates tweeted. “We are proud to be part of @mtgreenee at # AmericaFirstCaucus. We will end the war, stop illegal immigrants and promote fair trade for American workers.” Explained the investigation on condition of anonymity. According to people, Gates is facing a federal investigation into allegations of sexual trafficking.

This document aims at some of the toughest words of immigrants. President Joe Biden’s administration is struggling to handle large numbers of immigrants on the southwestern border and has had little success in winning legislation in Congress.

“The United States is a country with borders and culture, strengthened by a common respect for Anglo-Saxon’s unique political traditions,” the newspaper said. “History has shown that social trust and political unity are threatened when foreigners are imported into the country all at once.”

“The future of America’s long-term existence as a unique country, where its unique culture and unique identity are exposed to unnecessary risks, cannot be ignored by our leaders,” he added.

This document supports Trump’s false claim that “recent election results show that the integrity of our elections has been compromised.” To “coordinate American culture and behavior” and destroy the economy.

“Better waste management” says it will be more environmentally friendly than the Paris Climate Agreement’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.