A new feature prepared by Microsoft Teams for “Friends and Family” is about to go live

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, which competes with Slack for dominance in the corporate internal communication industry, is now ready to launch some “personal orientation” features for family and friends. After a year of preview,Microsoft announced that Teams will be free for personal use.

Teams is similar to Slack or Discord in personal use, both of which provide text, voice, and video conversations that divide people and channels, and emphasize the function of file sharing. However, Teams has also made extra efforts for the use of scenes between family and friends. For example, “Together Mode” puts you and your conversation partner in the same virtual sharing scene; Microsoft said that this can be done. Reduce tiredness during chatting, because “Your mind doesn’t have to work as hard as normal video conversations.”

Other Teams features for personal use, as well as dynamic stickers and GIF files that can be used in video conversations, and because a link can be used on PC, Mac and mobile devices, you don’t have to worry about whether other people’s devices can open yours. link. For groups, you can share the to-do list with the group, and turn any message into a to-do list for the group; you can also initiate a vote in the group and directly take related actions based on the voting results , Such as automatically creating calendar items. Finally, Teams will also add a “Dashboard view”, allowing you to see all the documents, photos, links, calendar events, etc. shared with the group in one place.

If you also use Teams at work, Microsoft emphasizes that Teams for personal use and work are completely separate and independent of each other. It only provides a quick switching function in the desktop version of the app. However, most people would rather not continue to see the software they are using at get off work after work. How many people can this attract use? Isn’t it hard to say?