A New Jersey boy, 12, died of overdose of fentanyl after cleaning his uncle’s drug-related equipment, prosecutors say

A New Jersey man was arrested for causing an overdose death of his 12-year-old nephew by forcing him to clean up drug-related equipment containing fentanyl.

Troy Nokes, 35, was beaten on Monday on numerous charges, including manslaughter and endangering the welfare of his children in connection with his nephew’s death, according to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office and Gloucester Township Police. news release..

The unidentified boy lives in Blackwood, New Jersey, and Nokes allegedly produced fentanyl.

On January 24, this year, the child was found to be unresponsive on the school bus, the release said.

The boy was hospitalized on February 1, injured and died. According to the Philadelphia City Office of the Coroner’s Office, his cause of death was determined to be drug addiction, especially fentanyl.

According to prosecutors, Nokes instructed the child to make medicine and clean up tools containing fentanyl the weekend before the child’s death. Witnesses showed that the boy was not wearing gloves at the time, the release said.

In addition to manslaughter, Nokes also has first-class strict liability drug-induced death, first-class maintenance of controlled hazardous substance production facilities, hiring boys in drug distribution plans, and tampering with witnesses. The assault charged with falsification of evidence, obstruction of anxiety and exacerbation, especially release, said.

A woman named Joanna Johnson was also charged with falsifying evidence and interfering with Nokes’ arrest, according to prosecutors. NBC Philadelphia Johnson reported that he was Nokes’ girlfriend.

David Harkins, chief of the Gloucester Township Police Department, told the station that his child’s grandmother and caretaker were “ravaged.”

“And she is now losing a family in the criminal justice system to be prosecuted, but more importantly, she lost her 12-year-old grandson,” Harkins said.

Nokes and Johnson were arrested Thursday by the United States Marshals Service Area Fugitive Task Force.

They are detained at the Camden County Correctional Facility until a pretrial detention hearing is held. The pair’s attorney information was not immediately available.

Investigation is ongoing.

Medical experts say that fentanyl exposure alone does not cause overdose.

Ryan Marino, Toxicology and Addiction Medical Director, Cleveland University Hospital Earlier told NBC News “Fentanyl continues to be a serious danger to those who use the substance, but not just by accidental exposure. Victims of overdose are important every second and should be treated without delay or hesitation. . “

Drug policy alliance twitter“You cannot overdose fentanyl or fentanyl analogs solely from accidental skin contact or proximity. Gloves are sufficient.”

Police should contact the local government or give anonymous tips to anyone who has additional information on the case. [email protected]..