A New Look at Northrop Grumman’s Wholly Conceptual Long Range Stealth Fighter




Northrop Grumman Reinvented What We See as Conceptual Next Generation Air Superiority (NGAD) We have taken the concept of manned platforms into our latest advertising.This is Another ad for 2021 It teased the same design, but that ad didn’t offer a wide-angle view.

The main video itself, which is just 15 seconds long, is owned by the company. Old “Hangar” setting. In it, three Northrop Grumman employees are shown discussing women’s contributions to the history of military aviation in the company’s “advanced aviation hangar.” Grand Forks Air Force Base mentions an all-female crew, and in 2014 recorded the longest full-scale unmanned flight by an aircraft. military aircraft without aerial refueling (34.3 hours) – The trio ponder the company’s potential contribution to aviation history in the future.

In the video E-2D Advanced Hawkeye On the right is the latest early warning aircraft. E-2 variant It is currently in service with the Navy and will continue to fly as “”.digital quarterbackall the way into the 2040s. Behind the E-2D you can see the nose of what looks like an aircraft. EA-18G Growler.

All we can guess is that a conceptual NGAD-like manned tactical jet concept can be seen on the left side of the video. Unlike Northrop’s 2021 ad, show nose A new ad showing what appears to be the same concept in more detail gives a better look at the overall aircraft. As mentioned in our previous work, this aircraft certainly seems to meet NGAD requirements. It is very large, has no vertical tail, and is designed for cruising range, payload, and low observability (stealth). You can also see the discreet air intake mounted on top. The design also features very long chine lines around the fuselage. “Beak” like B-2 Nose and single pilot cockpit.

A close-up shot of the conceptual NGAD concept seen in advertising. Northrop Grumman/YouTube Screencap A nose view of the conceptual NGAD concept as seen in the 2021 ad.Northrop Grumman/YouTube Screencap

Two other videos in the same series give a partial head-on perspective. B-21 Raider Looking at the atmosphere and the design in question from a distance gives an even wider perspective.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi86HJYTAO0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEqblCpg3-I Northrop Grumman ad screen capture Northrop Grumman ad screen capture

It is unclear how accurate the concept seen in the ad is to what Northrop Grumman has come up with regarding the design of its manned NGAD platform. There are clearly differences in design nuances like this, but it’s interesting to see what they’re all about, even as placeholders. It is also possible that the concept seen in the video is loosely based on elements of Real life NGAD demonstrator it was flying with the air force last few years. However, it is not yet known who built this experimental demonstrator.may belong to Boeing again lockheed martin. And just because the demonstrator belonged to one of these companies, it doesn’t mean the production version. it is now being contested is also the same.

Artwork depicting Lockheed Martin’s conceptual NGAD fighter concept.lockheed martin

Northrop’s current workload is the production of the B-21 Raider. next generation stealth bomber is certainly high, so producing manned components for NGAD would be a big win for the company, and certainly an advantage in the work they did on the B-21. The program is also on time and on budget for almost everyone, which is a remarkable achievement. His NGAD aircraft in manned flight will have much in common with next-generation bombers, with many shared technologies and potential efficiencies likely to carry over directly. As the program kicks off, there are big opportunities beyond the manned component surrounding NGAD, and Northrop wants to get involved.

Consisting of so-called “system families,” NGAD refers to the United States’ multifaceted effort to deliver next-generation tactical air combat capabilities. While the procurement of new manned jets currently under development remains the core of the NGAD program, it also includes aircraft development and production. potentially thousands of cooperative fighter (CCA), new weapons,sensor, Networking and Combat Management ability, laser, advanced jet engineand more. Moreover, NGAD is at least largely concordant. Shadow Ranged Strike (LRS) A family of systems for which the B-21 is at the heart.

Artwork depicting Northrop Grumman’s conceptual NGAD fighter concept has a lot in common with the commercial CGI aircraft.Northrop Grumman

with the air force Navy We are also working in parallel to develop our own NGAD program that includes the above components. The Air Force recently indicated it was envisioning several conceptual fleets. 200 Nagad One fighter will cost “hundreds of millions.” The size of the Navy’s fleet of similar aircraft remains unclear, but the military’s proposed budget for fiscal 2024 states: Approximately $1.53 billion Dedicated to supporting the development of next-generation fighters, or F/A-XX, under its own NGAD program. This was a big boost showing how quickly the program is maturing.

That said, the latest ad certainly contributes to the intrigue surrounding the NGAD program and Northrop Grumman’s possible involvement in it, or at least the company’s ambitions to build a manned part of it. .

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