A new record high in British Columbia as the heat wave grabbed the west and slipped into Manitoba

On June 28, 2021, in North Vancouver, British Columbia, when Leanne Opuyes on the left laughs, Albert Huynh cools down in the frigid Linkleak water. Although some parts of British Columbia and Yukon may see relief sooner. (Canadian Press / Darryl Dyke)

The record heat wave could ease in parts of British Columbia, the Yukon Territories, and the Northwest Territories by Wednesday, but Prairie’s amnesty is farther away.

According to the Canadian Ministry of the Environment, the “historic” meteorological system broke 103 thermal records in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and the Northwest Territories on Monday.

These records include Canada’s all-time high temperature of 47.9 degrees Fahrenheit (118.22 degrees Fahrenheit), set in Litton, British Columbia, before the previous day’s 46.6 degrees Celsius (115.88 degrees Fahrenheit) set in the same village. I broke the record.

The communities of Jasper, Grande Prairie and Hendrickson Creek in Alberta also set record highs on the second day as mercury hit highs in their mid-30s.

In the Nahanibute region of the Northwest Territories, it was 38.1 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature ever recorded in the region.

The Meteorological Agency has also issued four thermal warnings to areas along the western border of Manitoba.

Forecasters warn that extreme conditions will continue throughout the prairie, at least throughout this week and perhaps until next week.

As the sultry system begins to slide from BC and temperatures drop to more seasonal values, the Meteorological Agency is seeking lightning opportunities inside the dry southern part on Wednesday night. It is the same area where the evacuation warning was issued on Monday as the wildfire spread to nearly 2 square kilometers.

Because most British Columbia wildfire risks are highly valued, BC Wildfire Services has announced a state-wide campfire ban that will take effect Wednesday noon.

The ban, which also covers fireworks, torches and burn barrels, is valid until October 15.

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