A New Road to Residency for 90,000 Key Workers and Alumni: Mendicino

Ottawa — Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino says his department is paving the way for permanent residence for 90,000 key workers and international graduates currently in Canada.

Mendicino says the new policy will give temporary workers and graduates permanent status with the skills and experience the country needs to fight pandemics and achieve economic recovery.

He requires at least one year of work experience in Canada for healthcare and other qualified key workers to apply, and international graduates have qualified Canadian higher education programs within the last four years. It states that it needs to be completed.

On May 6, the Immigration Bureau will begin accepting up to 50,000 applications from healthcare and other key workers and 40,000 applications from international students who have graduated from Canadian educational institutions.

The ministry said that while COVID-19 travel restrictions continue to limit the number of new entrants landing in the country, new policies will help the government reach its goal of accepting 401,000 new permanent residents this year. It states.

The economic and life turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has also prompted some of the recent migrants to leave Canada and return to their countries of origin with more social and family ties.