A new study reveals that about one in eight nurses has or will not be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, which could increase hospital staff shortages.


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RN Janelle Roper on the left is administering the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to nurse anesthesiologist Kate-Alden Hartman. The Washington Post via John McDonnell / Getty Images

  • According to a survey by the American Nurses Association, one in eight nurses has or will not be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Twenty-five percent of the nurses surveyed are wary of the safety and efficacy of available vaccines.

  • Vaccine mandates are another complex factor in the shortage of health care workers in hospitals.

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As a coronavirus Hospitalization surges again Due to Delta variants, American hospitals are working on another obstacle: 1 in 8 nurses have or will not be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, a new study It turns out that it may be squeezing the supply of health care workers who are already in short supply.

The American Nurses Association surveyed nearly 5,000 nurses nationwide to learn more about vaccine questions and concerns. 25% of nurses Research They said they did not trust or were uncertain that the available coronavirus vaccines were safe and effective. Of those who do not plan to vaccinate, 84% said they did not have sufficient information about the long-term effects of the vaccine.

Health experts repeatedly say that vaccines do a very good job of keeping people alive, From the hospital, When well, And negative side effects will become apparent within a few months after administration.

The majority of nurses surveyed are hospital staff in medium to large hospitals with more than 100 to 1,000 beds, and 71% provide direct care to patients in the facility.

Hospitals across the country are facing Serious shortage of nurses, Healthcare workers in high demand.Many Hae also left the field and raised the following issues: Burnout syndrome. However, Delta variant Rising Increase in vaccines Hospitals are obliged to work and are working on whether to require staff to be vaccinated against the disease or to risk alienating workers.

ANA supports the obligation of nurses to be vaccinated with COVID-19, stating that the healthcare business has “an ethical obligation to model the same precautions as patients.” Press release Released by the organization. Fifty-nine percent of the nurses surveyed support vaccine obligations.

“As the largest group of medical professionals, nurses are essential to every aspect of COVID-19’s response efforts, physically and mentally to function optimally to care for themselves, patients and communities. We must strive to remain safe, “ANA President Dr. Ernest J. Grant said in a statement. “Nurses need to be vaccinated.”

The survey created by ANA is part of a larger project called COVID Vaccine Facts for Nurses, which was co-created with several other medical institutions. Johnson & Johnson, To provide nurses with reliable vaccine information.

Healthcare workers in the United States were eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. December,Month In front of many Americans I started taking shots in their arms. At the time of reporting, 52.3% of Americans were fully vaccinated, while 61.6% were vaccinated at least once. CDC..

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