A New York man accused of murdering Christina Euna Lee pleaded not guilty and said she was “trying to help her.”

Asamad Nash, a 25-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing 35-year-old Christina Euna Lee last month, was charged with multiple felony charges on Wednesday without strengthening hate crimes.

Nash was detained shortly after IncidentIt happened on February 13th in Lee’s apartment in Chinatown, Manhattan. 8th arrest For repeat offenders after May 2021.

Surveillance video It shows Nash chasing Lee into an apartment on 111 Chrystie Street. Shortly thereafter, neighbors heard Lee “seeking her help” and begged someone to call 911 “again and again.” Authorities responded at around 4:35 am and found Lee “bleeding from multiple wounds to her body” in her bathtub.

Nash was charged with one murder, one robbery, and one robbery for a sexually motivated felony. He entered his acquittal through his lawyer.

Court documents Nash also showed that he claimed to be a victim. He reportedly told police he was trying to protect Lee by holding the “man who stabbed us” accountable.

“I was trying to help this woman get hurt by others. I was trying to help her,” Nash said.

He tried to leave the building through the emergency stairs, but after he noticed police officers saw him, he returned inside. He was finally arrested after authorities found him naked from his waist up and hiding under Lee’s bed.

“Today’s prosecution marks the beginning of our pursuit of justice in the name of Christina Yuna Lee. Christina Yuna Lee is such a violent and shocking way in her own home. It’s a bright and beloved New Yorker who shouldn’t have shortened his life, “district attorney Alvin Bragg said. statement.. “MS. Lee Yuna’s death not only destroyed her loved ones, but also brought fear to the hearts of our AAPI neighbors who have already suffered too much pain in recent years.”

Bragg announcing his recent creation Road to public securityA new department in his office, promoting alternatives to imprisonment, argued that prison time would continue to be the result of the most serious crimes. “All New Yorkers deserve to be safe and secure, and we ensure accountability for this pointless murder,” he added.

Nash, who was reported to be homeless when Lee was murdered, was released under the watchful eye of three other unsolved cases. Body camera image He has reportedly told police that he was recently released from prison.

and statementMayor Eric Adams described Wednesday’s indictment as another “significant step towards achieving justice” for Lee.

“I know that members of the AAPI community and all New Yorkers are working 24 hours a day to help us put an end to this violence and reassure all our neighbors in our city. I want you to have it, “said Adams.

Featured image by New York Police Department (left), PIX11 News (correct)

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