A New York prosecutor spoke to at least one Trump organization.Witnesses preparing for grand jury testimony

Donald Trump

President Donald J. Trump met with the bank’s CEO on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, in the White House’s Cabinet Office in Washington, DC, on the response to coronavirus COVID-19. The Washington Post via Jabin Botsford / Getty Images

  • Manhattan prosecutors have reportedly told witnesses to prepare to testify in a criminal case targeting the Trump organization.

  • Earlier this weekThe Washington Post reported that Cyrus Vance Jr.’s office had convened a special grand jury for the case.

  • The jury usually deliberates for three to six months and is widely used in cases of fraud and corruption.

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Prosecutors are telling potential witnesses of the Trump Organization to prepare to testify before a special grand jury in a criminal case of the District Attorney of Manhattan. ABC news..

Revelation shows that the criminal cases surrounding the Trump organization are moving to a more advanced stage.

TheĀ· Research Led by the office of Cyrus Vance Jr., a district attorney in Manhattan, he developed a criminal case by examining the financial practices of Trump’s real estate company and how money was transferred between senior officials in the organization. .. The investigation examines Trump’s tax returns and how the organization filed a refund with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

Earlier this weekThe Washington Post reported that the Vence office had convened a special grand jury for the case. The grand jury will consider whether there is sufficient evidence to justify prosecuting Trump.

The grand jury is set to meet three days a week for three to six months.

This move indicates that as the jury grows longer, DA’s office may continue to call witnesses across the timeline of the case.

Investigators have also taken a series of steps to analyze their finances. Trump Organization CFO Allen WeisserbergThe prosecutor has summoned financial records for him and his family and is investigating the benefits he may have arranged for his son Barry, a longtime employee of the Trump organization.

Insiders contacted the Trump organization and the Manhattan DA office for comment.

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