A New York suspect who hit an Asian with a hammer has 47 previous arrests and threatens to kill her when she is released.

An individual who wanted to hit an Asian man with a hammer at a Manhattan subway home was charged with hate crimes and ordered to be released on Friday with a $ 300,000 bail.

Christian Jeffers, who reportedly identified himself as a woman, arrested In connection with wednesday attackOccurred on Tuesday night at stations on 7th and 14th Avenues on the 1/2/3 line of Chelsea.

Jeffers, 48, and an unidentified victim, 29, allegedly collided with each other and were involved in a controversy. According to police, Jeffers, who became “angry and aggressive,” pulled out a hammer and hit the victim’s head.

Authorities charged Jeffers with assault, exacerbation of harassment, and intimidation, all of which were classified as hate crimes. She was also charged with criminal possession of weapons.

According to criminal accusations, she used a racial slur against police officers at the time of her arrest, Threatened them, “By the time I leave jail, the first thing I’m trying to do is get a gun and try to kill as many of you as possible.”

Police sources say Jeffers “Transit criminal” In the previous arrest of 47 people.Her wrap sheet is reportedly 2007 Includes drug possession, theft, prostitution, public lewdness, and service theft charges.

Last June, she was sentenced to nearly six years in prison for two robbery convictions. She continues to release her under surveillance for the incident, which is due to expire in September 2024.

It is unclear what exactly led to her hate crime accusation.She says NBC New York On Wednesday, victims accused Jeffers of deliberately hitting him after harassing someone else.

“he [sic] Looking back, I tried to turn my face to my face and aggressively to my face, “the victim told the outlet. Then he remembered what Jeffers said: Do you have no eyes? Open your eyes! “

The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. It is understood that he is currently recovering.

The incident adds to a series of violent attacks on Asian Americans in New York City, especially at subway stations.Since the deadly push of Michelle GohMayor Eric Adams said, calling for stronger security measures “Subway safety plan” And Metropolitan Transport Authority test Platform barrier By 2024.

The fact that Jeffers is a recurring criminal — similar to the suspect accused of murdering with Go Christina Euna Lee — Also raises concerns about local criminal justice policies. This can be more generous with the creation of new ones. Anti-incarceration department Under the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. However, the office pointed out that imprisonment “is still an available result for those who commit the most serious crimes, especially violent crimes.”

The judge reportedly set Jeffers’ bail at $ 300,000. It is unknown if he hired a 48-year-old lawyer.

Featured image by New York Police Department (left) CBS New York (correct)

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