A New York Times reporter claims she sat down on the Trump Toilet story

New York Times Reporter Maggie Haberman Abandoned because the former president seems to be sitting in that big story Donald Trump The White House toilet is clogged I’m trying to wash away a torn piece of paper.

It was a pretty big ass scoop, and many felt that Huberman should report earlier than he could save for her next book, The Man of Self-Confidence. According to the independent.

Huberman is probably not the first person to be accused of withholding important information about the Trump administration in order to squeeze book sales. Bob Woodward When John Bolton Faced with similar accusations.

However, Harborman decided she wasn’t going to get that kind of junk and protected herself on Friday’s CNN.

Huberman claims he doesn’t know about Trump’s supposed document dump during his tenure, and she “If I have the information, I’m not known to be sitting in the scoop.”

She said he learned about Trump’s toilet disgust after he left the White House and pointed out that the information was not accurately retained for her book.

“The book hasn’t been published for eight months, so I think it’s relevant, so I’m trying to get this information as soon as possible,” she said. “Do I know that it makes a lot of sense in terms of which paper got where? We don’t. I don’t want to suggest it, you know, I know You know more than you do, right? “

Mr. Harborman thinks that the story of the toilet is appropriate, ” I didn’t know, so I don’t want anyone to think I know this in real time. “

You can see her interaction with John King below.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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