A New York woman finds a lost dachshund-on Hilary Swank’s lap

Albany, NY (AP) — Chelsea Blackwell’s Dachshund, Blue, disappeared on Monday and a distraught owner was searched.

However, when she encountered a line of people with squad cars and cameras near the Greyhound bus stop, she set her search aside for investigation.

“I noticed that someone had eight police cars and a camera. I suspected someone was shot,” Blackwell told the local newspaper Times Union.

Fortunately, the tragedy wasn’t lurking — Blackwell came across the film crew — but ended up with a one-millionth lucky event.

Simply put, her 15-year-old dog was discovered by a movie star with a history of rescuing dogs.

You wouldn’t believe this, the crew told her, but the celebrity found her dog.

“I asked them if they saw a little brown dog, and they said,” Yes, we call her. ” “

An hour later, the gray car was pulled up and a little blue was sitting on the knees of Hilary Swank, who won the Oscar twice.

“I was like’no way’,” Blackwell said. “As soon as she got out of the car, I kissed Blue and said,’Thank you very much.'”

Blackwell asked Swank for his autograph, but Swank did better. They took a picture.

And Blackwell wants to make sure Swank has the right credit, I posted a photo on Facebook..

“Did I stop and ask if anyone saw a little brown dog? A man approached my car and said,” Yes, this woman came to pick him up, “she wrote in a post. I am.

“Who did I say? He replied that he was a celebrity. He called the person who had him. And they said she was on their way home. You can’t guess who had him. Is it? “

Million Dollar Baby herself.

“She isn’t that type of person,” Blackwell said.

Swank is not a stranger to rescue a dog.

“Every dog ​​I’ve rescued and shared my life with has a unique way of being in the world,” said Swank, who hired a large number of dogs. YouTube video Posted by People magazine.

Swank establishes Hiralu (her name and the name of the dog she adopted, Karoo’s portmanteau) to match abandoned dogs with children who the Foundation says “give up from society.” did.

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