A New York woman is “fighting” to regain her emotional support dog after being adopted by a rescue group while hospitalized for memory weakness: Report

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  • A New York female dog was picked up during hospitalization New York post report.

  • Dennis McCulley’s dog, Roscoe, was sent to an animal shelter during treatment.

  • She later learned that Roscoe had been adopted by a rescue group and is now fighting to get her dog back.

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A female dog in New York was taken over by a rescue team while she was receiving medical care. Now she is trying to get her dog back. New York post..

Dennis McCulley, 51, a 51-year-old living alone in Bronx, told the Post that he had “neurasthenia” and reported to the police on April 16. A mini schnauzer named Roscoe while receiving treatment. Police reportedly took the dog to an animal care center in Manhattan.

According to the report, McCulley contacted the shelter many times to inform her of her situation, and she was the owner of Roscoe, but was running away. But three days later, her emotional support dog Not only was it hired by one of the shelter’s rescue partners, but it was also informed that it had been given a new name, the New York Post reported.

The dog was sent to a rescue group three days after arrival, the shelter told the outlet, adding that Roscoe “had no ID or microchip,” the post reported.

“We have contacted the rescue group where the dogs were housed and are currently providing legal advice on the situation,” the shelter told the newspaper.

Police claimed that the dog being treated for an ear infection was in poor condition and a man in McCulley’s house said he wanted to harm Roscoe. However, Curry reportedly she was alone. Disputed the claim that he lived in.

McCulley reportedly was saddened by the loss of Roscoe and said he was “fighting” to regain his dog.

“I had to remove him from the screensaver because it was painful to see him,” McCulley told Post. “We had an inseparable relationship. Where with the dog But I went and went shopping with him in the supermarket. I had him in this little career. We were always together. “

“The only thing I do all day is to call and somehow go somewhere,” McCulley told the outlet.

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