A nine-year-old man walked from a bus stop to kidnap her and then ran away, according to a Veterans Affairs police officer.

Officials said a man was arrested trying to kidnap a nine-year-old pedestrian from a Virginia bus stop.

Girl Go home from the bus stop Just before 3:00 pm on Friday, January 28, in the Embrey Mill district of Stafford County, a man identified as Stephen Randall Williams, 34, approached her and asked for directions. Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

“Then he grabbed the young girl, carried her into his car, and put her in the passenger seat,” said the sheriff’s office.

But when Williams walked around to the driver’s side, the girl was able to escape from the car.

According to the sheriff’s office, the investigator later issued a “kidnapping arrest warrant” to Williams.

The sheriff’s office SWAT team tried to provide a warrant at home around 9 pm, but he had a barricade inside, the sheriff’s office said.

“SWAT held the line while the drone team was flying the drone through the house. The crisis negotiation team tried to contact Williams, but he didn’t respond,” the sheriff’s office said. Stated. “Chemical weapons were deployed, but Williams still refused to leave.”

During standoff, Residents were told to evacuate to the designated place And leave the area.

About five hours later, law enforcement agencies sent K-9 home to find Williams, who was arrested, the sheriff’s office said. Williams has been charged with kidnapping.

The sheriff’s office is on Saturday, January 29th Held at Rappahannock Regional Prison No bond. As of January 30th (Sun), no other information has been released.

Stafford County is about 67 miles north of Richmond.

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