A North Carolina police officer said he was injured eight months after birth after a bullet fired outside his home passed through a wall.

An eight-month-old girl suffered a gunshot wound after a bullet fired in a neighborhood brawl passed through the walls of her house on Tuesday night, according to Shelby police.

The baby’s condition was not announced on Wednesday.

Investigators said it happened on Tuesday at about 10:20 pm at his home, 200 blocks on Putnam Road. It is on the south side of Shelby, about 40 miles west of Charlotte.

The baby was taken to Atrium Health Cleveland and then sent to Charlotte’s Atrium Health Carolina Medical Center, where he stayed on Wednesday, police said in a news release.

No arrests have been made in this case.

“Preliminary investigations show that a quarrel took place outside the house where the bullet was fired,” police said. “When the bullet was fired, the child was in the house and was hit by a bullet that passed through the outer wall of the house.”

An estimated 15 shots were fired Two groups discussed near the house Shelby Star reports that one of the bullets hit the baby’s back. The bullet “remained in her lungs,” the newspaper said.

“The mother says they were in bed together.” Shelby Police Lieutenant Scott Champion said Station WSOC. “She was holding her baby when the bullet rang and the baby was beaten.”

The bullet may have been fired by someone driving the house, the station said.