A parliamentary mob who flew to Washington, DC on a private jet says he is preparing for a 60-day sentence by learning prison slang and meeting a consultant.

Parliament Riot Jenna Ryan

Jenna Ryan in Washington, DC, on the day of the Capitol riots. The photo enclosed in the FBI’s fact statement.Ministry of Justice

  • A woman pleaded guilty to participating in a parliamentary riot is preparing for prison.

  • Jenna Ryan told insiders that she was studying what life would look like behind a bar.

  • Ryan said he was watching YouTube videos, learning slang, and talking to prison consultants.

A parliamentary mob who flew to Washington, DC on a private jet said he was preparing for 60 days behind the prison by learning prison slang and talking to a prison consultant.

Jenna Ryan Last month, he was sentenced to 60 days in a Texas prison. After pleading guilty to a single federal misdemeanor of the parade at the Capitol, according to court documents seen by insiders.

Ryan, a realtor in Dallas, Texas, told insiders that he plans to go to the lowest security federal prison in northern Texas after January 3. She said she had not yet been designated as a particular facility.

Ryan said he is reading books, conducting online surveys, and watching YouTube videos about prisons to prepare for life in prison.

“I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research lately … I now know that the general rules don’t talk to anyone. You’re watching who you talk to. You I don’t ask anyone what they did. It’s a completely different world. “

“But I’m also a life coach, so I can imagine that while I’m there, I’ll make a pretty real connection.”

Ryan said she plans to lose weight in jail because she thinks she will be offered “the worst food you can imagine.”In a Tik Tok posted over the weekend, she said she said I want to practice yoga and detox from alcohol..

She told insiders that she mainly wanted to “bend over”, “protect herself”, and “borrow books from the library” while she was there.

“I’m going to keep my mouth shut. I’m probably in a small blockage area with what I assume is a’bunky’-I’m learning all this new term,” she says. I did. (“Bunky” is a slang term for a roommate’s prison.)

Ryan said he was talking to a prison consultant in addition to his investigation. Prison consultants said they were reassured that the sentence would end soon.

Jenna Ryan

Ryan posing next to the broken window of the Capitol. The photo enclosed in the FBI’s fact statement.Ministry of Justice

Despite all her preparations, Ryan told the insider that she was still worried about the state of the prison and her safety.

“I’ve watched all these videos about a minimal security prison, and the main concern isn’t the other prisoners, but that you’re being treated very, very cruelly by the guards. “She said. “I’ll be treated badly for 48 days. There are people trying to hustle me and I might try to trick me.”

Ryan is one of the few Capitol riot defendants who have pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty. Previously expressed remorse for her actions January 6th.

She told insiders she didn’t regret attending the “Stop Steel” rally prior to the riots, but told the Capitol that she “must not enter.”

Best of all, she said she wanted to move past January 6th and continue her life.

“I can’t wait to go [to prison], For real. You can get in early, so you can get out early. “

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