A parliamentary riot defendant who threatened to hang Nancy Pelosi said she was sacredly exempt from court law and did not need a lawyer.

Screenshot of Pauline Bauer at the Parliament Building Rotunda on January 6th.

Pauline Bauer of the Parliament Building Rotunda on January 6th. Ministry of Justice.

  • The accused parliamentary mob said she didn’t need a lawyer because she was an “autonomous individual.”

  • Prosecutors say Paulin Bauer wanted to hang Nancy Pelosi while he was in the Capitol on January 6.

  • Currently, Bauer claims to have special legal privileges.

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The owner of Pizzeria, Pennsylvania, who was arrested and charged in connection with the January 6 parliamentary attack, replaced her, claiming she was a sacred entity unaffected by court law. He demanded the dismissal of “everything” of the defendant’s lawyer.

Prosecutors say Pauline Bauer was one of the hundreds of Trump supporters who invaded. January 6th US Capitol Trying to suspend President Joe Biden’s accreditation. Bauer sought to organize a mass transit system to send bus people to Washington, DC for a Trump rally prior to the attack. Once inside the building, she told police she wanted to kill Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Court documents Say.

According to the prosecutor, “Bring Nancy Pelosi here now,” Bauer can be heard in the footage of a camera worn from inside the parliamentary amphitheater. “We want to multiply that f — ing b —-.”

Now, in a series of bizarre court filings made at the end of last month, Bauer claims to represent himself and has special legal privileges as an “autonomous individual.”

The lawyer appointed to Bauer’s court did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for comment.

At the Zoom Court appearance on June 11, Bauer told the judge that he was attending “by a special divine appearance.” The Daily Beast.

“I’m not under the law,” Bauer said, according to the outlet. “Under Genesis chapter 1, God gave man rule over the law.”

Bauer was later removed from the video’s progression “because he couldn’t show dignity and dignity to the court,” records show. She was ordered to appear again later in the month.

However, according to court documents, at a hearing on June 21, Bauer refused to accept the terms of his release and was imprisoned overnight as a result. She was later released on a personal basis after verbally agreeing to the required pretrial release conditions.

A few days later, she submitted some conspiracy-filled filings on the far right and apparently began defending the “sovereign citizens.” Members of the Pseudo-Science Movement believe that “not judges, juries, law enforcement agencies, or elected civil servants, but which laws should be followed and which laws should be ignored.” Southern Poverty Law Center.

In one filing, Bauer included a “Nativity Patent.” This is the document she claimed to be “useful as evidence.” [her] Living DNA existed on this land before the existence of the United States or any of its states. This document contains a detailed genealogy of both mother and father ancestors.

In the documents submitted, Bauer also demanded that the existing court documents in her litigation file be modified.

Bauer faces sin that has interfered with justice and Congress. Deliberately enter a restricted building. Deliberately engaging in chaotic behavior in a restricted building. And violent entry and chaotic behavior on the premises of the Capitol will return directly to court later this month.

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