A Pennsylvania man was charged with murder after showing police amputation in the freezer

A Pennsylvania man was arrested Wednesday after police pulled a frozen human head out of the freezer, according to the Lancaster Police Department.

Police reportedly told witnesses who appeared at home that there was a corpse in one of Lancaster’s home beds and a human head in the freezer, in a statement Wednesday.

Witnesses told police she looked at her head and headed for Messy’s house.

So Messy led the police inside and immediately pulled her head out to show the policeman.

According to the Lancaster Police Department, Messy told the detective that she had found a “corpse doll” in her father’s bedroom that “looked and sounded like a father” after being detained. Messy admitted that she had stabbed the “corpse doll” with a knife for a few minutes and then dismantled her body.

Police are still working to identify the body.

Meshey was charged with criminal murder, corpse abuse, and falsification of evidence.