A Pennsylvania woman was found dead in a hotel room in Miami.

A Florida judge dismissed allegations of keeping certain evidence out of public if a Pennsylvania spring breaker was raped, drugged, and later died.

Video transcript

Florida has devastated back county women. Police say she died after being taken medicine and raped. “Action News” reporter Annie McCormick spoke with some people who knew the victims, and she lives in Richboro tonight in Annie, Reaction.

Annie McCormick: Yes, and the victim Rick, Christine Engelhart, grew up here in Richboro. Today we talk to family and friends who are still trying to understand how this happened. Investigators are still linking the cases, but they believe she has contacted two suspects at a restaurant.

SAMANTHA DIFRANCESCO: She was the one you brought in, made everything and illuminated the entire room, do you know? Her laughter was the most infectious laughter.

Annie McCormick: 24-year-old Christine Engelhardt’s family and friends are wandering around the news last Thursday when they were drugged, raped, robbed and died in a hotel room during a trip to South Beach, Florida.

SAMANTHA DIFRANCESCO: This is the last person I think this will happen, do you know? And it breaks your mind. When you know, it’s a really good person who does anything for anyone. It’s just-it-it feels sick, as if they had experienced what they had experienced. I am sick.

Annie McCormick: The judge did not order collateral for two suspects, 21-year-old Avier Collier and 24-year-old Dorian Taylor. Investigators are trying to determine if the green pills allegedly supplied to Engelhart were the cause of her death.

MINDY GLAZER: After doing whatever they did to her, the night before she couldn’t pick up the phone to call the police or 911.

They had sex with her many times, and she unknowingly or went out, stayed in the unit, didn’t ask for help or help, and gave her all her items, cell phones, credit cards, and cash. I started taking it.

Annie McCormick: Engelhart graduated from Council Rock High School North and worked as a manager at Jules Sinkrust Pizza in New Town. Her mother told Action News that her daughter had traveled to Florida alone. A friend started GoFundMe for his family and wants to honor Engelhart, who loved life, running and animals while trying to learn how this could happen.

SAMANTHA DIFRANCESCO: We are also looking for works. I don’t understand what happened.

Annie McCormick: And Rick, the suspect, faces charges including battery robbery, credit card fraud, and sexual batteries. Currently, if the inspector general determines that the drug allegedly given to her was involved in her death, they may be promoted to manslaughter or murder. So far, we have live reports on Richboro, Annie McCormick, “Channel 6 Action News” and Rick.