A person may have been killed by a “mangrove in his head” after the Keys boat crashed, FWC says.

A Keirago man was airlifted to the Rider Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital on Saturday after crashing a boat into a mangrove and may have suffered a fatal head injury, an officer of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Said.

The FWC is not up-to-date on Sunday, subject to the 58-year-old Joseph Guenther. [Guenther] “It’s a perfect code” means that his heart has stopped beating.

According to the FWC accident report and an email summary of the accident, when Nguyens made a major left turn to Dussenbury Creek at around 9:30 am, he said, “I was moving north at high speed in the Blackwater Sound” and “irregularly. I was driving. “

Gencer hit the mangrove on the right side of the boat. The 21-foot boat was thrown to the left, where it “pierced the mangrove coastline head-on.”

Guenther said, “I was discharged from the ship. [Guenther] I’m going to put a mangrove in (his) head. “

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