A person shot dead by a Fremont police officer in a hotel parking lot

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Suspect identified after a deadly “business dispute” shooting in California

Reuters / Orange County police officials allegedly fired 44-year-old Amina Dub Gaxio Ragonzales in a California office building on Wednesday, killing four people in a case that officials described as a “business dispute.” Identified as a gunner. Police said Gonzales was investigating whether Gonzales had gated the Orange County office building, waited and fired, killing four people, including nine, and injuring another. Authorities have not nominated victims, but they have identified them as one man, two women, and a nine-year-old boy. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said a woman and Gonzales are being treated at a local hospital on Thursday. “It seems that a little boy died in his mother’s arms as his mother tried to save him during this horrific slaughter,” he said. If you are convicted, you may be subject to the death penalty. Breaking News: A 44-year-old Amina Dubgasio Ragonzales from Fullerton identified by Orange PD as a suspect in a shooting in Orange. Police say he had a personal and / or business relationship with an adult victim, which was not a random shooting. @FOXLA pic.twitter.com/EbO3r2btBg— Gigi Graciette (@GigiGraciette) April 1, 2021 Spitzer said the “horrible rampage” was the result of a “targeted” attack. All victims knew Gonzales through business or personal relationships. Around 5:30 pm on Wednesday, police responded to reports of being fired at the office of Unified Homes, a seller of real estate and mobile homes in a complex alongside other companies. After locking the courtyard, in the window. ” The gate was chained with a bicycle cable lock, forcing police to engage Gonzales from the outside while waiting for the bolt cutter. Gonzales was also armed with pepper spray and handcuffs, police said. Eventually, Gonzales was arrested for a gunshot wound, but authorities did not reveal whether it was supported by police or self-harm. , Boys and women in crisis. On an outdoor landing on the second floor, police found a woman deadly shot. Two others were found in the office. Jennifer Amat, a spokeswoman for Orange Police, said on Thursday that police found semi-automatic pistols, backpacks with pepper spray, handcuffs, and ammunition on the scene. They believe it belongs to Gonzales. Official records include the address of Gonzales as an Anaheim mobile home that appears to be closed. He is the owner of three truck businesses and is listed as a relative of a licensed realtor working in Unified Home. The Gonzales family did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment. A man who identified himself as a friend of one of the victims posted on Facebook: Why does no one know? It’s sad to hear. Wednesday’s massacre will be the third mass shooting in the United States in two weeks. Atlanta shooters killed eight in three Asian massage parlors. A few days later, a 21-year-old man killed 10 people at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Do you have any hints? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.