A police officer who chased and worked on terrorists with courageous reading

The four policemen who chased and tackled unarmed knife-wielding terrorists in Reading are to be recognized for their courage.

On June 20, last year, history teacher James Furlong (36 years old), scientist David Wales (49 years old), and Joseph Ritchie Bennett (39 years old) who worked for a pharmaceutical company were four berries. Killed in Gardens.

PC James Pac-Man, Sergeant Ian Watkinson, PC Liam Steele, and PC Liam King intervened unarmed to capture and detain 26-year-old Libyan asylum seeker Kairi Sadara, who failed in the attack.

Their courage will be celebrated with 10 other colleagues at the Thames Valley Police Annual Courage Awards on September 9.

Four Berry Gardens Incident
Joe Ritchie-Bennett, James Furlong, and David Wails, three victims of a reading terrorist attack, in dateless handouts by police. (Thames Valley Police / Pennsylvania)

PC Packman, who had been on the board for only two years when the incident occurred, left his job at Forbury Gardens and immediately chased the attacker.

He states: “I was sitting on the grass and facing the victims. I don’t know what drew attention first. I think it was a scream.

“When I looked up, there was a suspect, who was circling around the group sitting on the floor and stabbing them. He shouted,” Knife! ” “

When the attacker escaped from the park, PC Pac-Man called the police before chasing him without protective equipment.

Correspondents PC Steele, PC King, and Sgt Watkinson in unarmed uniforms saw Sadara running towards them and floored him without knowing if he was armed. “Tackle with rugby” and restrained.

PC Steele said:

“Adrenaline has taken over,” said PC Packman, despite the lack of protection and the dangers of the situation.

He states: I don’t know if I believed it.

“My first idea was to monitor him and prevent him from escaping.”

Regarding this award, he added: “I was very honored to receive the email that I was nominated for the Courage Award, and I am very pleased to recognize some of the other officers involved.”

Steve Young (51), Patrick Edwards (29) and Nisit Nisdan (34) were also injured, and Sadara ran away with an 8-inch knife.

Four Berry Gardens Incident
I’m reading the terrorist attacker Khairi Saadallah in a photo handout of the police without a date. (Thames Valley Police / Pennsylvania)

Saadallah was sentenced to life imprisonment in January after pleading guilty to three murders and three attempted murders.

Craig O’Leary, Chairman of the Thames Valley Police Federation, said: But these four great executives are just that. A complete and complete hero.

“This man was a terrorist. These officers were unarmed and stopped him on a truck before he harmed anyone else.

“James’ action to remember was off duty. Ian and the two Liams were exemplary and based on the highest standards and traditions of British police service.

“They acted selflessly and with immense courage to protect the people from the possibility of further attacks. We could not be proud of them.”

Ted Hennessy