A police officer who fatally shot 13-year-old Adam Toledo was listed as a victim of the incident report. One law enforcement expert said it was “an old policeman’s trick intended to muddy the muddy sea.”

Adam Toledo

Still, the Chicago Police Department body camera footage is from the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA). Police accountability private office

  • The incident report lists police officer Eric Stillman as a victim of a shooting involving a police officer who killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

  • Law enforcement experts told insiders that doing so was an “old policeman’s trick” intended to shift responsibility from the police.

  • It “means to muddy muddy water,” he said, often used in “the aftermath of what our police officers call” bad shoots. “

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Chicago police officers shot dead 13-year-old Adam Toledo after a foot chase on March 29.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability, a police surveillance agency, released body camera footage and reports of shootings involving police officers on Thursday.

The report identifies a police officer as Eric Stillman, 34, and lists him as a victim of weighted assault by law enforcement officers. According to a tactical response report released by COPA, Adam was armed with a semi-automatic pistol and was “exhibited and unused” during the incident.

Law enforcement expert Tom Nolan, who previously worked with the Boston Police Department, said that listing police officers as victims of the case “focused on responsibility and blame for the actual victims of the police fatal force case. The person, the person killed by the police. “

“Therefore, the victim, in this case an unarmed dead child shot and killed by the police, becomes the” perpetrator “and the murderer police officer shooter poses in the” victim “posture.” He said. “This is an old policeman’s trick aimed at clearing muddy water, often used in the aftermath of what policemen call a” bad shoot. ” “

Incident and tactical response reports Body camera image Also released by COPA, it shows Toledo raising his hands and facing the police.

Adam Toledo

A small monument can be seen in Chicago, Illinois, on April 15, 2021, when a Chicago police officer in the Little Village district shot and killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo. Kamil Krzaczynski / Getty Images

A lawyer in his family claims he didn’t have a gun when he was shot, The video seems to be displayed The 13-year-old boy dropped what looked like a gun and followed the police’s instructions before being shot. Police officers began to provide assistance shortly after the shooting.

Alfred Titus, a 23-year veteran and murder investigator at the New York Police Department, said it was “common” to list police officers as victims in case reports, except when “actually fired.” No, “he said.

“It’s when law enforcement is trying to solve a controversial problem, or when they’re trying to get more empathy, or, as you know, they themselves are victims and men. Did he say he had a gun in his hand, “Titus told insiders.

“It only brings more emotion to the case on the part of law enforcement and police officers,” he continued. “That could be the reason it was done this time. It’s definitely possible.”

Titus, now an assistant professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at City University of New York, said that regular case reports and complaints list states as victims, or that the case actually victimized. If so, he added.

It is legal to list officers as victims

However, he said, “By law, weapons assaults or exacerbated assaults include attempts to point guns at police officers, so police are actually doing nothing wrong by listing police officers. I haven’t done that. “

“Police seem to be trying to detain on the highest charges [against the subject] At the same time, police officers provided some evidence to show that they actually felt the gun was aimed at him. “

Titus said it was difficult to determine the details of the shooting and whether the police were right or wrong to fire the bullet, but the incident was “a type of momentary decision that could lead to an error.” Was mentioned as an example.

Nolan described the case report as a record of the situation “drawn for public consumption.”

“So, in the minds of the general public and those who give it, you know, at first glance, it always and already exempts police cheating,” says Nolan, who works as an associate professor at Emmanuel University. Sociology said.

He added that short case reports usually precede “huge” investigation reports than they are published, but “it can take years” to complete the investigation.

According to the incident report, Stillman was taken to the Rush University Medical Center for a “minor” injury later called “illness.” It was not immediately clear why Stillman was taken to the hospital, and insiders contacted the Chicago Police Department for more information.

In one case, Nolan told insiders that police officers would be taken to the hospital. “”

Support for body camera video and document releases

“It’s surprising and disappointing that few people have asked about the welfare of police officers,” Stillman’s lawyer said in a statement to The Daily Beast last week.

“Specifically, I have little interest in the well-being of police officers and the impact they have experienced when they are required to use their job-critical forces,” the lawyer said. “The police officers involved serve his country and his city in honor and deserve our support.”


Protesters with a sign labeled “Stop Killing Us” in Chicago during a peaceful protest on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, prior to the video release of a deadly police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo. Navigate along the loop. AP Photo / Shafkat Anowar

The lawyer also said there was “irrefutable evidence” that his client had taken the right action because “all previous attempts to escalate and comply with the legitimate orders of all officers failed.” Stated. A tactical response report released by COPA states that the subject, in this case Adam, “used a force that could cause death or serious physical harm.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Wrightfoot said there was “no evidence” that Toledo had fired at police.

“I don’t want to know the essence of this because of the independent investigation, but I didn’t see any evidence that Adam Toledo shot the police,” Wrightfoot said at a press conference Thursday afternoon. Said.

Nolan told insiders that Toledo’s murder “shows that police are trying to reestablish control of the story, aiming to establish and maintain control of the story from the moment the gun is fired.” Told.

“There are two stories,” he said. “There is a police-provided story that may contain some elements of truth. Yes, there was foot tracking. Yes, there was a gun. Yes, there were reports of firing, and the police responded. I engaged with the boy, and I set foot, but that’s where the truth stops. “

“What happens after that isn’t going to be publicly reported right away,” Nolan added.

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