A powerful TikTok message from police officers about Daunte Wright spreads in word of mouth

& Lt; p & gt; US police officer shows the difference between a taser gun and a pistol in a Tiktok video & lt; / p & gt; (Screengrab / @ brian1504)

U.S. police officer shows the difference between a taser gun and a pistol in a Tiktok video

(Screengrab / @ brian1504)

America Police officer Demonstrated the “big difference” between guns Taser With a virus Ticktaku A video explaining how difficult it is to confuse the two items in the policeman’s arsenal after Dante Wright’s death.

A video posted from a male account named Brian B has about 6 million views and 1.4 million likes before the account is deleted after the account was infected with a virus and caused a large online conversation. had.

In a Tiktok video, a police uniformed police officer sees both the taser and the pistol loaded on the belt before tapping the pistol as “dominant” and the taser as “less dominant”. can do.

“Big weight difference, everyone-I don’t know how to mistake a taser gun for a gun or a gun for a taser gun,” he said in a video before sitting.

“If you are in the middle of the moment and you do something like that, you shouldn’t do this job.”

He goes on to say, “No one likes a bad cop better than a good cop,” and every cop doesn’t have to pull out a gun or taser quickly because everyone thinks it’s a threat.

“I’m not going to bet my life on trying to fix your stupidity and dealing with restoring peace with the masses I serve for your stupid behavior,” he said. Said.

“It doesn’t make sense. 99% of our work is communication. You don’t have to pull out a gun or taser to someone quickly and think it’s a threat to everyone.”

This video is provided in response to Wright’s death after being shot by former police officer Kim Potter in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Brooklyn Center, Traffic is stopped.

Ms. Potter, a military veteran for 26 years, was charged with two manslaughter charges by Wright. 20-year-old. Former police chief Tim Gannon, who resigned after the incident, claimed to have accidentally fired a gun instead. Of deploying her taser.

The Minnesota Criminal Arrest Department reported that at the time of the incident, Mr. Potter’s pistol was on the right side of the duty belt and the taser gun was on the left side, after examining the belt.

According to a news release from the office of Washington County lawyer Pete Olput, the taser is yellow with a straight black band. In other words, Ms. Potter could have used her left hand to pull out the taser.

According to the Brooklyn Center Police Manual, all three of its pistol models (Glock 17, 19, 26) are considerably heavier than the Taser. Glocks have safety triggers, but Tasers don’t.

The shooting occurred on April 11, about 10 miles from the courtroom where the former officer was. Derek Chauvin Is being tested over the death of George Floyd.. Wright’s death again triggered protests across Minnesota for almost a week.

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