A powerful winter storm hits Primorskaya and creates a dangerous situation

Halifax — A powerful winter storm struck Primorskaya on Saturday, covering most of the area with heavy snowstorms, causing road closures, power outages and widespread cancellations.

Drivers were urged to avoid traveling in snowstorm-like situations, and many roads and highways, including the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border, were closed.

Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick have seen a surge in all-day closures of universities, libraries, COVID-19 clinics, businesses, and more. Due to the weather, flights, ferries and public transport have also been delayed or canceled.

The switch from snow to icy rain due to strong winds created the perfect storm of potential blackouts, said Jim Abraham, a meteorologist at the Canadian Ministry of the Environment.

Freezing rain can attach to power lines and tree branches, and forecasts show that winds of 100 km / h will make the wind stronger, making power lines and tree branches heavier and more fragile, he said. Told.

“We see a lot of mixed rainfall,” Abraham said.

According to the Canadian Ministry of the Environment, parts of Primorskaya Oblast were expected to snow up to 40 centimeters, and coastal areas were expected to have hours of icing rain.

The largest city in the region has warned that it may take longer than usual to clean up from a storm.

The Halifax municipality advised residents that “resource challenges as a result of the impact of COVID-19” could affect service standards.

The city said its workforce was affected by employee exposure and state-mandated self-isolation and testing requirements.

The operation of Halifax Transit, the collection of solid waste, some recreation centers and the work of other local governments may be affected.

Canadian press