A previously floating ground freighter moving through the Suez Canal: “We’ve done it!”

One of the world’s largest ships resurfaced and moved on the Suez Canal on Monday. Important global routes More than a week.

Expectations have risen for hundreds of waiting vessels to navigate the canal soon. Tugboat rescue teams pulled Evergive towards Great Bitter Lake, according to canal officials. A large body of water in the middle of the canal where ships undergo technical inspections.

“We’ve done it!” Peter Belldowski, CEO of Boskalis, a salvage company hired to extract Evergiven, said in a statement. “We are pleased to announce that our team of experts has worked closely with the Suez Canal Authority to announce the successful re-emergence of Evergiven … which gives us the freedom to cross the Suez Canal again. . “

According to German insurance company Allianz, 120 miles of shipping between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea accounts for about 13% of world trade. The company estimates the cost of blocking world trade to be up to $ 10 billion per day.

Jeffrey Bergstrand, a professor of finance at the University of Notre Dame Mendoza Business College, specializes in international economics and trade.Bergstrand said the blockage should ultimately have little impact on the United States.

“Most of the imports blocked last week are heading to Europe, so US consumers will have little impact on the prices of US imports,” he said.

How a ship gets stuck in the Suez Canal: The heaviest traffic jam in the world

A Panama-flagged cargo ship weighs 220,000 tonnes, is nearly a quarter mile long and carries 20,000 containers.As long as the Empire State Building is high, the ship Rotated and stranded In strong winds last Tuesday.

Workers dredged 30,000 cubic meters of sand. This is enough to fill about 12 Olympic-sized pools, but more than 12 tugs have released them over the course of days.The stern of Evergiven that had been Grounded about 4 yards from the bankFinally, at the beginning of Monday, it shook more than 100 yards from the shore.

“This is the result of a successful push-and-toe operation, with 80% of the ship’s direction restored,” the Egypt-owned Suez Canal Authority said in a statement.

The video showed a tugboat on the canal whistling at a celebration. Egyptian President Abdel Fatta Elsisi praised his efforts on social media.

“Today, the Egyptians have succeeded in ending the crisis of delinquent vessels on the Suez Canal, despite the tremendous technical complexity surrounding this process from all sides,” he tweeted.

It was not immediately clear when the ship would flow back into the canal. Admiral Osama Rabies, who controls the authorities, promised that more than 360 vessels awaiting passage would soon begin to flow through the canal.

Officials said it would take more than three days to clear the traffic. Global shipping company Maersk estimates that it will take twice as long. Data company Refinitiv estimates that it can take 10 days or more.

Maersk said three ships were stagnant in the canal and were waiting for another 29. The company has rerouted 15 vessels to navigate around Africa. It took weeks to remove some or all of the luggage to lighten the ship, and the backlog of ships waiting to pass was increasing.

“The spillover effect on global capacity and equipment is significant,” Maersk warned in a statement of advice to customers.

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Blockage of the Suez Canal: The vessel “partially resurfaced” as workers resumed their efforts

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