A Promising Sign That Gendermania Is Losing Momentum


Three utopian projects are obsessed with the left: environmentalism, racism, and androgyny. Climate affects us all, racism affects millions of people, but true gender dysphoria is extremely rare. and the lengths its advocates are prepared to go — the code of speech, the subversion of science, the repeal of women’s gender-based rights, the denial of parental rights in children’s health — are plagued by climate change throughout the Anglosphere. and gave the same sense of importance and urgency that surrounds racism.

But a string of rapid successes breeds overconfidence, and as a result, gender ideology has come to interpret temporary adherence as acceptance of dogma. In constant escalation, I have poked the sleepy bear of tolerance too often. Unpleasant attacks eroded sympathy for vague causes. There is growing legitimate concern that the rights of women and children are being eroded. Most importantly, the fear of being labeled “transphobic” is receding.

Three recent omens give grounds for hope of a return to reason.

Most dramatic was the self-defeat of Nicola Sturgeon, who resigned from his longtime position as Scottish National Party leader on 15 February. You couldn’t find a more dedicated foot soldier in the trans rights movement than this gender absolutist.

Sturgeon could not shake from the stubborn but epistemologically untenable dogma that “trans women are women” despite evidence that her fellow Scots were women. most skeptical UK resident. Thousands of protesting women have been unable to achieve anything over the years. Double rapist did it within daysAfter appearing in court on a rape charge, Adam Graham announced that he was reincarnated as a woman named Ira Bryson and successfully requested a transfer to a women’s prison. This was perceived by virtually all observers as a transparent game of the system Sturgeon put in place by removing guardrails against fraud. , stimulated the anger in the pent-up atmosphere.

Sturgeon yielded and declared a “pause” for the review of her policies. In the eyes of observers, she admitted that “misogyny” (her term for gender-critical feminists and their supporters) was spot on. Exposed in all its chaos in widely dispersed form. interviewMeanwhile, poor women couldn’t tell that trans women weren’t actually biological women.

The second is the return to decent human status of writer J.K. Rowling, the lightning rod for writers in 2020. As authoritative as the New York Times. malicious accusation By a trans activist in response to her statement that sex is dimorphic and immutable, “I don’t hate speaking the truth.”

For years, the pro-LGBTQ Times has followed the party’s line on radical gender ideologies. Then, in June 2022, led to closure As Head of Gender Identity Development Services at the Tavistock Clinic in London, the NYT published an article by Emily Bazelon.The battle over gender therapyobjectively investigated the issues associated with early positivity of gender dysphoria. Respect was paid to detransitionists, the bane of activists and whose voices are rarely heard in the mainstream media.

it’s long open letter Messages sent to The New York Times by more than 1,000 contributors and “countersigned by the newspaper’s 23,000 media professionals, readers and subscribers” provided multiple examples of the NYT’s alarming forays into dissent. and sternly instructed the Times to cease further rebuttals.・Revolutionary activities.

The NYT’s response was essentially a farce from those who wrote the letter. arousal defense Rowling completely clears all accusations of transphobia. Rowling didn’t give her haters an inch of her, and indeed her counterattack was Beira’s Placea women-only crisis center, to the chagrin of transgender activists, promising startAs pioneers of progressive media in North America and major conduits for the gender dogma they are now receding, the NYT’s acquittal of Rowling cannot be overstated as a harbinger of cultural change.

Finally, we have the testimony of intrepid whistleblower and former youth counselor Jamie Reed. University of Washington Transgender Clinic St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a pediatric clinic that practices like more than 100 other gender clinics in the United States. February 9 testimony It quickly went viral on Substack’s The Free Press. Reid’s account must be given special weight because she is “politically left-wing of Bernie Sanders,” married to a transman, and gender nonconforming.

Reid worked at her practice for four years as a case manager responsible for patient admissions and management. During her tenure, “about a thousand young people” were processed. “Most of them received hormone prescriptions with potentially life-altering consequences, including infertility,” she wrote. I was convinced that the way I was doing it was the exact opposite of our promise to ‘do no harm’,” so I resigned. What’s happening to these young people is “horrifying, both morally and medically,” Reed says. She was also concerned about the clinic’s “lack of respect for parental rights.”

The article is revelatory and terrible. Much of the anecdotal material is sickening. Reed’s portraits reveal the systematic willingness to sacrifice the health of children at the altar of gender mysticism. Reid isn’t the first insider to expose dishonorable details of ideologically-driven professional irresponsibility in her field. What stands out is that her exposure has reached a more receptive vibe, and people are no longer afraid of retaliation for disseminating it.

People go mad in groups, and one by one they regain their sanity. But there is evidence all around us that this particular madness has reached its peak. The herd is slowing down. Now is the time for “stuff” to double down on the effort.

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