A provisional government has been formed and the president is preparing to give up power, the report said.


Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Satter Milzakwar speaks into the camera

Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Abdul Satter Mirzakwar speaks into the camera on August 15, 2021 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Ministry of Interior, via Afghanistan / Reuters

  • Afghanistan’s interior minister said Afghanistan would make a “peaceful transition” to the Taliban.

  • CNN reported that talks are underway to form a provisional government led by a militant group.

  • According to local reports, county president Ashraf Ghani is expected to soon relinquish power.

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Afghanistan will carry out a “transition of power” to the “provisional government” led by the Taliban, Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Abdul Satter Milzakwar said on Sunday.

“People in Afghanistan shouldn’t be worried … there will be no attacks on the city and there will be a change of power,” Mirzakwar said in a video message broadcast on the local news agency ToloTV.

At about the same time on Sunday, CNN The Taliban issued a statement that it was in talks with the “opposite” about the peaceful surrender of the capital, reporting that it had confirmed that the group would refrain from violence.

“Human head, property and honor are not compromised and Kabul’s life is not endangered. The Islamic Emirate stands at the gates of Kabul and instructs all troops not to enter the city. I will, “said the spokesman. ABC News.

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Taliban International Media Spokesperson, Skhail Shaheen, Al Jazeera The group should continue to wait on the outskirts of the city during the transition negotiations.

Shaheen did not identify what the Taliban wanted, but Associated Press The group reported seeking unconditional surrender by the central government.

A spokesman told The Wall Street Journal that journalists would be safe under the Taliban.

Ashraf Ghani, the country’s current president, said he was expected to relinquish power within the next few hours. Al Arabiya..

AFP Communications The President of Afghanistan reportedly urged government forces to maintain law and order in Kabul.

Sources close to the crab denied reports that he had fled the country, Al Jazeera Said.

Other Afghan officials, including some of Cani’s advisers, are waiting for the flight to depart at Hamid Karzai International Airport, according to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, according to credible sources. I said on Twitter.

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Pope Francis led a call for “dialogue” in Afghanistan to avoid bloodshed. Reuters report. “I join the unanimous concern about the situation in Afghanistan. Please pray with me to the God of Peace so that the hustle and bustle of weapons is over and a solution can be found around the dialogue table,” he said. I told the pilgrims at St. Peter’s Square.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed to bring back Congress to discuss the Taliban’s seizure of Afghanistan. Local media..

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