A Quebec man charged with attempted murder after a police officer was shot dead at a transportation stop

Santo Married Bose, Quebec — A 54-year-old Quebec man was charged with attempted murder after a state police officer was shot dead and injured earlier this week at a transportation stop in southern Quebec.

The public prosecutor’s office said today that Marco Rodriguet appeared at the courthouse of San Joseph de Bose on Thursday, where he was charged with two weapons crimes.

A 40-year-old Quebec police officer was hospitalized on Wednesday after being injured by a bullet after stopping a vehicle for a traffic violation in Sainte-Marie, Quebec, in the Bose region of southern Quebec.

Officer Catherine Jiro went to Facebook on Thursday to thank her partner, her boss, and the general public for sending her hundreds of support messages after the incident.

She described Wednesday as a “dark day” for her and her family, but said she was recovering at home and looking forward to returning to work.

Rodriguet was arrested Wednesday night based on the explanation provided by Giroux and with the help of the general public. Quebec police said the suspect had a weapon in his car and appeared to have a grudge against police officers.

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