A Quebec man kidnaps his young son, activates an Amber Alert and is sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Matane, Quebec — A judge in a court in Quebec approved a jointly recommended 10-year sentence for a Quebec man who pleaded guilty to abducting his three-year-old son.

The man was found guilty of 14 charges when he appeared at the Matan Courthouse, about 375 kilometers northeast of Quebec City, on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Crown Office said the judge approved today a joint recommendation with the defense of the 10-year sentence. The man sentenced him to nine years and three months remaining, taking into account his hours of service.

An amber alert was triggered when a man and son disappeared in Saint-Paul near Matane on August 31, last year.

He was arrested by Quebec police on September 5 after a 24-hour standoff with authorities in a small community residence.

The Amber Alert lasted for four days, and the three-year-old boy was returned unharmed to his mother.

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