A Quebec man who killed a family of four in a drunk driving sentence was sentenced to 16 years

A Quebec man who killed four members of the same family in a car accident in Quebec City last September handed over one of the toughest decisions ever given in the state for drunk driving convictions. it was done.

Judge Jean-Louis Lemay of a Quebec court sentenced Éric Légaré to 16 years in prison today in a court in Quebec City.

James Fletcher, 68; his daughter, Shellie Fletcher-Lemieux, 44 years old. Her two children, Emma Lemieux (10 years old) and Jackson Fortin (14 years old), all died in the clash, injuring the other two in another vehicle.

The crown sentenced Regale to 18 to 20 years in prison, but his lawyer opposed 10 years in prison.

Regale, 44, was found guilty on several charges on December 14, last year, including death from a driving disability and death from dangerous driving.

Lemay pointed out that Regale determined that he was driving more than 130 km / h in the 70 km / h zone of the city’s Boport district. Alcohol levels in his blood were almost three times the legal limit, and his system also contained large amounts of cannabis.

Regale allowed him to grab the steering wheel after consuming 7 glasses of wine and 3 glasses of shooter at the bar in the afternoon.

According to Lemay, a video of Regale stumbling into a car or hitting a parked car while out of the parking lot was filmed. Another video taken from the municipal bus showed that he missed the stop sign and was driving irregularly.

He was previously convicted of drunk driving in 2017 and was cited in eight overspeeds between 2007 and 2020.

Regale pointed out that consumption increased during the pandemic and repeatedly expressed remorse for the crash.

Regale will have 15 years and 15 days left in his decision, as he already has time. He has been banned from driving for 25 years.

Canadian press