A remake of Nintendo’s classic will be released in November

The Nintendo Switch remake version of the masterpieces “Pokemon Brilli” and “Pearl” released in 2006 will be released on November 19th.

Big picture: Just as the video gaming industry and its culture are focused on the novelty of new releases, 2021 is becoming a showcase of old-fashioned charm.

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  • “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond” and “Pokemon Brilliant Pearl” claim yet another place in the release calendar of new versions of games that millions of people have already played.

  • COVID production delays are linked to the increasing difficulty of creating new games, increasing the visibility of remakes, remasters and other recycled efforts.

Game publisher mined Their back catalog for decades. The abundant reissues and their growing attention in 2021 are amazing.

  • Rock star released “Pokemon”Expansion and enhancementThe 2013 “version” of “Grand Theft Auto V” has already shipped 145 million copies.

Line spacing: In May 2021, there are many reissues and many reasons for that.

  • May 14: EA’s “Mass Effect Legendary Edition”, Chart topping The remaster of the sci-fi game trio 10 years ago is an attempt to revive the franchise.

  • May 18: With Sony’s release of the PlayStation-only Days Gone on PCs, the trend for Microsoft and Sony continued. Expanding Acquire viewers by placing your game on a previously redundant platform.

  • May 21: 2017 Nintendo 3DS game “Miitopia” Nintendo Switch release hit in the midst of a hugely successful company effort Resale a failed game on an old platform on a new machine everywhere.

Don’t forget the new console. Publishers are seeing the opportunity to shine recent games and try to sell them again on a new generation of consoles.

  • See not only GTA, but next month’s expanded version of FINAL FANTASY VII Remake in 2020. This was already a radical remake of a classic game in itself.

Old games also help add value The expansion of the catalog service, most notably the Xbox Game Pass, continues to showcase the acquisition of classic content. This includes a variety of beloved “Final Fantasy” games, a series of “Yakuza” titles, and more.

Conclusion: All of these reissues are arguably a healthy development, as some fans are anxious for new games.

  • The reissue goes against the old tide that causes most games, and even the largest games, to get the most public attention within a year or two after their release.

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